Volunteering opportunities

At Eccles RFC we’re lucky to have a large number of committed volunteers to keep the club going. However more help is always required. Recruits are currently being sought for the below vacancies, however if you have other ideas please feel free to get in touch for a chat.

Unless otherwise stated, please speak to Mark Greenhalgh about any of these opportunities:

Assistant Safeguarding Officer

As the Mini and Junior sections of the club continue to grow, and Safeguarding continues to be a priority topic, we’re looking for an Assistant Safeguarding Officer to work alongside our existing Safeguarding Officer.

You’ll be responsible for ensuring necessary procedures are followed and records are kept, as well as encouraging attendance at relevant training sessions. You will also be involved in any issues that might arise. There will be opportunity for you to learn as well by attending various courses and conferences on the subject.

Performance Analyst(s)

The senior section of the club would like to work with any aspiring Performance Analysts, giving you great experience and helping us achieve more. This would involve the recording of games (equipment provided) and statistical analysis afterwards. Any other techniques/ideas would be open to discussion.

Men’s games are played on a Saturday afternoon. Women’s games are played on a Sunday afternoon. We would be interested in one person doing both, or a separate person for each team.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for recruiting new volunteers, being aware of the opportunities available across the club, and marrying up the two. They would also be part of event planning teams, identifying who might be able to help out in various roles. They would also work with the Duke of Edinburgh committee to make use of their volunteers. And you’d get to manage this page!

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary is one of the busiest people at the club in September and October, and then continues in a small role throughout the year. Their job is to ensure that all senior players are paid up members of the club, and to administrate membership cards and details for Social and Non-playing members. The role does not involve directly handling any money; payments are made to the bar or directly to the bank.

Sponsorship Secretary

The Sponsorship Secretary coordinates and encourages sponsorship of the club in various ways; advertising boards, match day programmes, playing shirts, player sponsors etc. They promote attractive sponsorship packages and then ensure that the commitments of both parties are met.