General Information

Name: Eccles Rugby Football Club
Founded: 1897
Location: Gorton Street, Peel Green, Eccles, M30 7LZ

Telephone: 0161 7892613
Facebook: or Eccles RFC Official Facebook Page
Twitter: @ecclesrfc

Playing colours
Jerseys: Navy and white hoops
Shorts: White
Socks: Navy and white hoops
Alternate jerseys: Red

1. To promote, encourage and foster the game for the benefit of the members, including (but not limited to) the coaching at all levels
2. To promote, encourage and foster the game at all levels in the area of the ground and the surrounding area
3. To ensure that the game is played in accordance with the laws of the game and is administered in accordance with IRFB (World Rugby) Regulations and the Rules of the Union (England Rugby and the Lancashire RFU).
4. To undertake such matches and fixtures and other activities as the committee decide.
5. To maintain and develop the ground at Gorton Street, Peel Green, Eccles, M30 7LZ or such other location as the committee may, from time to time, determine as the headquarters of the club as a venue for playing the game and conducting the other activities of the club, so as to provide the best possible facilities for members and those visiting the ground.
6. To strengthen the bond between the club and the local community in the area surrounding the club.

Honorary Life Members
2003 M. Dutton
1994 E. Nicholls
1994 A. Brunt
1989 J. Crompton
1984 N. Johnston
1984 R. Erlston
1984 E. Crookell

Past Presidents
1998- E. Crookell
1996-97 H. Broomhead
1995-96 D. Bark
1993-95 K.A. Wooller
1992-93 G.R. Sulway
1979-92 H. Broomhead
1971-79 N. Bisbey
1969-71 A.R. Gilbody
1964-69 R.W. Hampson
1958-64 N. Bisbey
1946-58 N. Shaw
1935-39 N. Shaw
1931-35 J. Potter MP
1930-31 R. Cardwell
1925-30 A. Bethel MP

Vice Presidents: J. Bent, F. Broadhurst, J.E. Brunt, K. Faulkner, J. Gorton, E. Griffiths, J. Langslow, W.V. Lowe, J.P. Mellor, W. Morgan, J.F. Noone MB CHB, J. Rogers, V. Thomas, J. Whitfield

General Committee
Please see the Committee & Sub-committees page