Committee & Sub-committees

Archived list of committee members in the 2015/16 season.

Main/General Committee

The Main Committee is made up of a combination of Elected Officers (12 month term) and Elected Members (three year term), elected at the club AGM. Elected Members may be appointed a specific role at the discretion of the committee:

Role Incumbent
President Andy Brunt
Chairman Mark Dutton
Treasurer Greg Wilson
Assistant Treasurer Martin Parkinson
Secretary Paul Thorpe
Assistant Secretary Carolyn Radcliff
Men’s Captain Simon Donovan
Senior Fixtures Secretary Don Edmondson
Ladies Representative Katie Houghton
Colts Representative Nick Spooner
Junior Section Chairman Paul Bates
Girls Representative Trevor Parrott
Duke of Edinburgh Representative Hilary Berry
Safeguarding Officer Heather Thorpe
Elected Member (2016) Mark Baines
Elected Member (2016) Glen Cahill
Elected Member (2015) Bill Lowe
Elected Member (2015) Nick Spooner
Elected Member (2014) Ted Nicholls
Elected Member (2014) Ray Cook
Elected Member (2014) Shelley Powe


(Men’s) Rugby
Chair: Simon Donovan
Members: TBC

(Men’s) Selection
Chair: Simon Donovan
Members: All senior captains, vice-captains and coaches

Minis and Juniors
Chair: Paul Bates
Members: TBC

Chair: Paul Bates
Coaches: All club coaches and assistants

Ladies and Girls
Chair: Katie Houghton
Members: Mark Greenhalgh, Igemi Ekoku

Chair: Martin Dutton
Members: Greg Wilson, Paul Thorpe, Andy Brunt, Mark Baines, Martin Parkinson

Ground & Pavilion
Chair: Ted Nicholls
Members: Andy Brunt, Ray Cook, Jeff Crompton, Matt Nombela, Harry Sheldon

Duke of Edinburgh
Chair: Mark Baines
Members: Hilary Berry, Paul Newton, Trevor Parrott

Chair: Shelley Powe
Members: TBC

Chair: Martin Parkinson
Members: TBC

Sponsorship & Fund-raising
Chair: Andy Brunt
Members: Shelley Powe

O2 Touch
Chair: Mark Greenhalgh
Members: Trevor Parrott, Shelley Powe, Mark Baines, Karen Radband