The Beer Festival Explained

For those who have never been to such an event it’s quite simple; you give us your money, we give you liquid refreshment, and food if it is your want, and you go home very happy.

On Friday doors open at 6:30pm , closing at 11:00’ish 😉

Friday is meant to be a quiet night for sponsors and guests but all are welcome to come and attend.  Apart from soft drinks, spirits and wines, only festival beverages, including continental lagers, will be on sale on Friday night.  Food will also be available.

Entry is only £3, which includes a £2 refundable deposit on your festival glass.

On Saturday doors open at 1:00pm , closing when Marie has had enough of you all, probably about 1:45pm in Tommy’s case.  As this is a Match day, with three visiting sides, this will be very busy, especially just after the final whistle, 4:45pm.  Everyone’s co-operation will be appreciated.

From 7:00pm onwards on Saturday, Friday night rules apply, and apart from soft drinks, spirits and wines, only festival beverages will be on sale.  If we run out of the continental lagers the larger pumps will be turned back on.  Food will also be available for as long as Delores and the kitchen staff can stay vertical.

Entry again is only £3, which includes a £2 refundable deposit on your festival glass.  You will not be able to purchase a festival beverage without a festival glass.

At about 8:00pm we will start the entertainment.  This will be a bit of an experiment with an open mic for all those willing to earn beer tokens.  All you have to do is play a tune, sing a song or for the cultured read a poem.  The better and longer you perform the more beer tokens you will earn.  All beer tokens will be awarded at the MC’s discretion so don’t think a drunken drone will suffice.

It is expected that the entertainment will eventually end up as a mix between Karaoke and typical rugby songs, hopefully the later the better, but all done in the best possible taste.

If you didn’t come to last year’s festival you missed a great event, so don’t miss this one.  Finally the lesson from last year has been learnt and all sales will be by cash with the exception of beer tokens given to sponsors and other deserving causes.



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