The Aftermath

To put it simply, if you were an Englishman playing for the first team and support United, you didn’t have a very good week end, did you?  And if your name is James and you help run the u15’s, there could be a serious danger of self harm.

It would now appear that everyone is deciding which of the Celtic nations they have some sort of affinity with, so allowing them some form of interest in the remainder of the tournament.  The kilt wearing, Welshman with the Yorkshire accent still has two irons left in the fire.  For me it’s “Allez le Bleu”, until they get knocked out, then, who knows.

Word has it that Carolyn SWMBO Radcliff (no E)  has been allocated a bunch of tickets for Twickenham, no not for the RWC final, they are for a head rolling contest, which some will be calling for.  However before this can take place there’ll be a round of a*** kicking, followed by a game of pass the buck.  Where’s Harry S when you need him?

Anyway, on Sunday & Monday mourning I noticed the big orange thing in the sky was still there, the dog was still running round the house with used underwear in his mouth (not saying who’s), and I got a b******ing for not switching the dishwasher on the night before.  So, in short, all was normal and nothing really drastic had happened.

This week end will still be a very busy one at the club.  On Saturday we will have a cornucopia of rugby still to watch, with the first team at home against Rochdale, 3:00pm ko, the England v Uruguay game at 8:00pm (surely we’ll win that one) preceded by Scotland v Samoa at 2:30pm and a pool decider between Wales v Australia at 4:45pm.  How we are going to fit in the RL Grand Final at 6:00pm I just don’t know.  If anyone has a suggestion on how to overcome this fixture congestion please can they submit it to myself, in writing, on the back of a £20 note.  Please be aware the authorities can not guarantee the return of any submissions.

Sunday will see another tasty pool decider between France (come on garcons) and Ireland at 4:45pm.

If your also interested we will be opening on Friday night for the England footy game.

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