Thank You from Eccles RFC Chairman

The pitch levelling was completed in two nights thanks to the volunteers who came along on Mon and Tues so I thought I’d post a thank you on the web. I then thought of including a thanks to the volunteers last weekend for the Lancs Plate final and then thought of the volunteers who helped with the marquee weekend, and then the Colts cup final the weekend before and then realised, where do you stop – I hope you get my drift.

So thank you to ALL the volunteers that have helped everywhere through out the 2013 and 2014 season. I reckon, given that we have 19 teams, plus DofE, main committee, sub committees, bar and kitchen helpers etc we have about 120 voluntary roles, excluding the one off events I mentioned at the start, and about 80 odd people are regular volunteers (some do more than one voluntary role).

We’re very fortunate to have the quantity and quality of volunteers we have. If you’re not one and you’ve been at the club a fair while, the one off requests for volunteers are a good way to get involved in helping the club.

Enjoy the break from fixtures and those that can please come along to the AGM on Mon 2nd June at 8.00 pm.

Thanks again

Andy Brunt, Chairman.