Rugby Ready training – 10th August

Rugby Ready is a course that gives a good foundation in coaching and the first step towards formal qualifications, so something the club would recommend for anyone involved in coaching, or thinking of helping out in the future.

A session has been arranged at the club on Wednesday 10th August, 19:00-22:00.

To book on first do so directly on the RFU website. Then contact Heather Thorpe to confirm.

Places are limited and booking up fast so please move quickly to avoid disappointment.

Senior Pre-season Training

Training for the men’s section (1s, 2s, 3s and Senior Colts) starts on Monday 4th July, 19:00-20:30, and will continue on Mondays and Wednesdays from then on.

Training for the women (1s, 2s and former U18s) starts the following day, Tuesday 5th July, 19:30-21:00. Training will just be on Tuesdays for the first few weeks, with Thursday training returning after the Touch season on 11th August.

Please spread the word amongst current and potential players.

Girls training is back

Hi All,

Hope you had a good break away from rugby in May. To let you all know, training for the girls section of Eccles RFC starts again this Tuesday 7th June and will continue throughout the summer each Tuesday from 6.30-8pm

Please note, our training will vary from skills to fitness and will take place both on the pitch and on pathways around the club, so please bring trainers as well as boots! The pitches are very hard right now also thanks to the weather, so firm ground/ astro turf boots are best for pitch training and will help prevent injuries.

Any problems please feel free to contact me either by email to this address or to my number 07842909510.

Eccles RFC U18 Girls

Ladies pre-season training

…will start on Tuesday 30th June, and continue on Tuesdays-only for a few weeks. Thursday training will commence on 13th August, following the completion of the Touch Rugby league. Both sessions will run 19:30-21:00, which will stay the same throughout the coming season.

All sessions will have a skills/rugby focus, possibly with a strength/fitness element. Other ad hoc ‘boot camp’ style sessions may be arranged at times to suit. Contact Katie or Igemi for more information.

Under 7s Training – 3rd May 2015

What an interesting session!!!!!!

We had not one, not two but three “newbies” although they would all be 14 years older than the requisite “7 or under” to classify as an official U7. U21s perhaps?

From the start the competitive edge was apparent. The first few warm up exercises were taken easily and then came the shuttle runs. As the participants milled around on the starting line, Kirsty (U21) took her place in the starting blocks, poised like a coiled spring. On the “GO” (or was it B of the BANG) she exploded into action. For the first three steps she headed the field, flying elbows to ensure nobody could get past but then … sabotage!!!! A clash of legs, arms, bodies (not sure which) caused a pile up (with poor Kirsty at the bottom … eeek)

Note. The rest of the warm up was uneventful although the newly formed U21s were now looking a little out of breath.

Up next was some ball drills, simple pop passing, (well executed I may add by U7s and U21s alike) and then the old “hokey cokey” drill (under, over, left right) where I wasn’t quite sure if the screams from Vicki (U21) and Carly (U21) were encouraging or threatening (either way was quite scary!)

We finished the training part of the session with some fox and hounds pitting parent against child (not fair on the parents I know). At this point I did ask Andy B is he wanted to join in but he declined saying “Kirsty is doing a fantastic job!”

To end the session (and the season for that matter) we had the traditionally Kids vs Parents finale. The U7s followed their normal rules and the Parents were limited to 3 steps with the ball.

As is usual in matches the U7s started on the back foot, still in the changing rooms and half asleep! When added to some excellent handling by the parents (and older brothers of Peggy and Finley) they quickly stormed into a 2-0 lead. Then can a surge from the U7s, some quick thinking by Josh and a lapse in concentration by the defence saw Peggy go over in the corner. Josh, in the thick of things, also got on the score sheet after a mazy run.

Family rivalries came to the fore as first Finley and then Peggy took big hits from their older siblings. Vicki shrugged of the attentions of Oliver to score, not once but twice (the second was almost a full length dive for the line but managed to keep her feet). Kirsty also made a break after sidestepping Sam to sprint the full length of the field, the determination on her face was a sight to behold as she dived for the line. Just before her celebrations could begin the referee reminded that it was a 3 not 33 step rule and the try was disallowed. (Sorry!!!)

With the parents starting to run rampant, the game needed to be evened up. The referee joined the U7s and turned the game on its head. First an interception brought the U7s to within a single try and then the coach following Peggy’s line break was the first to support and get the touch down.

With the clock ticking down, was there time for a winner … NO!!!! The game ended in a draw and a fitting way to end the season.

I would like to thank all the parents, brothers and sisters that joined in with the session and game at the end. I hope you all enjoyed it and was not aching too much on Monday.

Next Sunday is the presentation, 10:30 for an 11:00 start


Under 7s Training – 19th April 2015

Due to the Manchester marathon, the planned game against Ashton-on-Mersey was called off so a training session on the Astroturf at Gorton Street was the order of the day … or was it! Unbeknown to the U7s and U8s, a football match (yes, football!!) had been arranged on the Astroturf so a change of location had to be made.

This week, Issy, Josh’s sister joined in and we had a new starter in George. Welcome both. In addition it was good to see Oliver back at Eccles after a long absence due to illness.

The session included some Fox&Hounds, Reds&Blues and some slalom ball drills. The session ended with the numbers game that threw up some interesting 1-1 matches.

Sandy vs Michael
An intriguing battle with Michael attempting the spectacular and Sandy waiting for the mistake before pouncing.

Peggy vs Issy
Impeccable mannered approach combined with ruthless lady-like aggression from them both. Wow

Sam vs Lola
The cheeky imp showing no signs of chivalry in this match. Lola was as polite as ever!

Oliver vs Josh
Oliver back with a bang showing no ill effects. Josh getting stuck in!

George vs Jaye
Total mismatch in speedster George’s favour. Jaye took to trying to catch the ball high above George’s head. Is that not cheating Jaye?

STAR OF THE WEEK. This week it goes for his performance in the numbers game. For a cool, calm and measured approach then waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on the ball. STAR OF THE WEEK goes to Sandy. Well done.

On Wednesday we held our first midweek session, which was very well attended. In a change to the planned session, the tackle shields were out giving chance to let off some steam. Hope you enjoyed it.

Next Sunday, 26th April, we have the final game of the season. We are away at Broughton Park with the usual start of 10:30. The ground is just off Mauldeth rd (opposite the petrol garage)

Broughton Park RUFC
Address: 2 Houghend Crescent, Manchester, Lancashire M21 7TL
Tel: 0161 861 0854

See you next week


Under 7s Training – 22nd March 2015

All I can say is that Spring had sprung, a very pleasant morning indeed with bright sunshine, not bad for March as this very weekend 2 years ago we had almost 8 inches of snow.

The session began with a warm up of “some sort” with Gav and Danny at the help … where wheelbarrow races came from I have no idea but was amusing to watch.

We then switched to a small square with some chasing/tagging. Michael was paired with yours truly and did an excellent job of closing down the square making me run and on the flip side evading me when I was trying to get his tags.

As I crawled of the field for a much needed rest, Gav took my place in a game of fox and hounds from both standing and lying start positions. Following on, we then had a number of ball handling/passing drills which in the main were executed well.

With only 7 at training we finished with a 4 v 4 game (Danny making up the numbers) that quickly became a 5 v 5 as two other big kids joined in.

The highlight of this week was a run by Sam. As per the rules of the game all players had touched the ball and Sam was 5 yards short of the try line. On receiving the ball he ran towards and crossed his own try line with the opposition chasing before a quick shimmy, the odd dodge plus a body swerve (if somebody two foot six can body swerve) taking him through the whole team to score in the corner (at the correct end of the pitch). Impressive … Yes but don’t do it in a game!

STAR OF THE WEEK. Purely and simply for the above, Sam gets STAR OF THE WEEK. Class … Well done! (Kirsty, you need to get him a compass to make sure he goes in the right direction!)

Next week we start the series of four away games to finish the season. We are away at Leigh with the usual start of 10:30.

Leigh RUFC
Address: Round Ash Park/Hand La, Leigh WN7 3NA
Tel: 01942 673526

See you next week


Under 7s Training – 8th March 2015

After a much improved performance against Trafford we were back to training with the emphasis more on enjoyment than the hard work from the previous training session.

A big Eccles welcome to Daniel on his first (of hopefully many) session at Eccles and also to Lola who joined in.

The session was mainly team games, shuttles with the ball, passing and tagging drills and finished with a numbers game. Everyone had smiles on their faces for the duration which was good to see.

STAR OF THE WEEK. There were a number of highlights this week … Peggy was demonstrating her slinky skills avoiding being tagged and Daniel’s catching in the numbers game under the high ball was impressive. However STAR OF THE WEEK for much improved concentration is Josh. Well done

See you next week