Six Nations at the club this weekend

Round 3 of the Six Nations is upon us; another chance to watch the rugby with a high quality pint in a friendly club.

Tonight we will have France vs. Italy live at 20:00. This is following the Vets & Casuals game at 19:00, which is still looking for players if you fancy pulling your boots on.

On Saturday, the Ireland vs. Wales game will be recorded so that we can cheer on the Men’s 1XV in their huge game against Hawcoat Park, kicking off 14:15. Then we’ll all settle in to watch Scotland vs. England live, kicking off at 16:45. Following it’s completion we’ll screen the Ireland vs. Wales game.

Everyone welcome. Sure to be a great weekend of rugby.

Games off. Six Nations On.

Eccles 1st XV vs Keswick and Eccles 2XV vs Thornton Cleveleys are both OFF today due to waterlogged pitches.  However, the clubhouse will still be open for the televised six nations games: Today Wales v Scotland Sat 2.15 KO and France v Ireland Sat 4.45 KO. Tomorrow Italy v England 3.00 KO.

International Ticket Policy

The International Ticket Policy has now been published to the Downloads/Documents section of the website. The Policy becomes effective immediately and replaces any previous communication on the subject.

In order to comply with the Policy, the current window to apply for 2018 Six Nations tickets will be extended to Sunday 8th October. This will provide time for any new applications to be made or existing applications to be amended, in light of the Policy. Following this time applicants will be contacted to confirm if they’ve been successful and, if so, which tickets will be received. Once these allocations have been sorted, any remaining tickets (if any) will be offered in line with the Policy. It is hoped (but not guaranteed) this process will be complete by the end of October.

Please email the Ticket Secretary with applications and queries.

6 Nations Games Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th Feb

With no senior games on Saturday & no colts or womens games on Sunday you would think there’s very little going on at the club this week-end coming.

Well I’m not going to even start discussing what the “Ladies” have got install on Friday Night, so let’s talk about the Six Nations games instead.

Now I would normally have very little interest in what the celtic & gallic nations get up to in such circumstances, however, be it the introduction of the bonus points, or the fierce competition for Lion’s places, we seem to have a very competitive contest this year.

Saturday starts with Wales taking on Scotland at Murrayfield, KO 2:25pm. This game will be followed with France taking on Ireland at the Aviva, KO 4:50pm.

Both games will be shown live with the bar opening no later than 1:00pm (see below).

Caveat – if there is sufficient interest the England v Italy womens game will be shown live, KO 1:00pm. This will result in the viewing of the Scotland v Wales game being delayed by approximately 15 minutes, which will be made up at the half time stage of that game.

If, on Saturday, you find any ironwork, leatherwork or battery powered devices laying around in the club, please hand them over to Marie, she’ll know where they came from.

On Sunday we have Italy taking on England at Twickenham, KO 3:00pm. Followed by United v Southampton in the League Cup Final, KO 4:30pm. Again, it is expected that the viewing of the first half of the footy game may be delayed by approximately 10 minutes, being made up at half time.




2017 – 6 Nations Games @ ERFC

Saturday coming sees the start of this year’s 6 nations fixtures, as if you didn’t know.  There’s a lot to get through so pay attention and keep up.

First and foremost the club is open to all sections on both Saturdays & Sundays so no reason for not coming down to watch.

All of the 6 nations games will be shown at the club over the next 7 weeks.  However, please note, if there is a game being played at the club at the same time as a 6 Nations game the International will not be shown live.  Where there is such a clash the International will be shown as a recording, or delaid viewing.

The reasons for this decision are many fold, all of which I have stated before in previous posts, so i’m not going to waste my time and effort explaining again.

The dates, fixtures & times of viewings are shown below;

Sat 4th Feb

3rd team v Rochdale 2:15 ko

Scotland v Ireland (first half recorded viewing starting 3:50 – straight after 3rd’s game)

Engalnd v France 4:50 ko LIVE

Scotland v Ireland (second half recorded viewing starting 6:40 – after England game)

Sunday 5th Feb

Italy v Wales 2:00 ko


Saturday 11th Feb

1st team v Burnage 2:15 ko

Italy v Ireland (first half recorded viewing starting 3:50 – straight after 1st’s game)

Wales v England 4:50 ko LIVE

Italy v Ireland (second half recorded viewing starting 6:40 – straight after England game)

Sunday 12th Feb

Colts v Macclesfield 2:00 ko

Ladies 2’s v Sefton 2:00 ko

France v Scotland (delaid viewing starting 3:15 – straight after Colts & Ladies game)


Saturday 25th Feb

As yet no Senior, Colts or Ladies games have been arranged at home this week end so all Internationals will be shown live, NB this may be subject to change.

Scotland v Wales 2:25 ko

Ireland v France 4:50 ko

Sunday 26th Feb

England v Italy 3:00 ko


Friday 10th March

Wales v Ireland 8:05 ko (NB there is a private booking at the club this night, however if you wish to watch the game it will be shown live in the conference room, please inform myself or Marie if this is your intention).

Saturday 11th March

2nd team v Vale of Lune 3:00 ko

3rd team v Hope Valley 3:00 ko

England v Scotland (delaid viewing starting 4:40 – straight after 2nd’s & 3rd’s game)

Italy v France (recorded viewing starting 6:15 – straight after England game)


Saturday 18th March

As yet no Senior games have been arranged at home this day so all Internationals will be shown live, NB this may be subject to change.

Scotland v Italy 12:30 ko

France v Wales 2:45 ko

Ireland v England 5:00 ko

As I stated at the begining, the club is open to all so come down and support your country, and your club.





Six Nations Predictor – Final Reckoning

Well, who saw that one coming? I suggested it could happen, but no one likes a know it all. May be that’s why I have so few friends. Ha, as if I care.

With a typical final week’s flourish of 193 points, we have ended up with the total points scored in this year’s six nations championship standing at 693 points. This places the total a bit outside the bookies favourite numbers, 18 points to be precise. Calculating next year’s numbers is going to be interesting. I’m clearly going to need a wider range of favourites, 120 numbers at least.

Anyway, cutting a long story short, for once, this year’s winner of the Six Nations Predictor is Colin Titley Esq with his prediction of 695. Second and third places go to Henryck Getz with 699 & Dave Nicholls with 700, respectively. This also leaves a certain young man who was sitting on 679 cursing Owen Farrell for kicking those last two pens.

With a total takings of £260 this means the split is as follows; Paul Newton Fund £26, 1st place £78, 2nd place £52 and 3rd place £26. The balance goes to the club, which in effect means it is reinvested and covers the cost of one of the beers in this summer’s beer festival.

My sincerest thanks to all who took part in this year’s predictor, especially those who went for the bookies favourites. I did hope for a bigger pot, but quality is always better than quantity. Maybe next year we’ll have more response from the overall membership. I’ll also start doing it earlier.


Six Nations Predictor – Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

With the six nations predictor coming to an end for this year, you will, I hope, have realised that at the beginning I only used basic statistical reckoning to calculate what I suggested would be the final outcome. With the weeks, and games, ticking over I have been pleased, or should I say relieved, to see the predicted final outcome to steadily increase towards the actual band of numbers laid down as the favourites.

However, as stated in the title of the post above, we have to be careful of statistics. Looking at this and the previous 5 year’s results, a few facts can be seen. This year we have had the largest week four running total, however we started with the second lowest week one total. If we get a repeat of last year’s week five results we’re going to march straight through the band of favourites and end up in the 700’s. However last year 3 teams were going all out for big wins in the last week and one team put up a stout defence, by playing attacking rugby themselves, unlike others who just rolled over.

So, what do we reckon this year, Wales v Italy, a big score with a depleted Italian squad, say 70 points. Ireland v Scotland, nothing to play for so a boring 35 points at best. France v England, the total opposite of last year with a tight, England just want to win and France just don’t want to lose, game of 25 points. That makes my prediction to be 130 for the final week and a final total of 630. Trouble is that would make Griffalo the winner, and we can’t have that, can we?

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
  Running Total Running Total Running Total Running Total Running Total Running Total
Week 1 124 105 149 122 89 100
Week 2 273 213 233 211 231 218
Week 3 378 336 324 308 333 334
Week 4 491 455 425 444 439 500
Week 5 589 538 534 603 660 ????

Final thought, why didn’t I do a predictor for the RWC as well, oh well?

Final, final thought, why, if they do it for the RWC and the Southern Hemisphere Championship, don’t we have the bonus point system in the Six Nations? Answers please on a crisp £5 with your predictor number.  Still plenty to buy.


Six Nations Final Week

For some reason, known only to the Great Referee in the sky, this year we have a repeat of last year’s final week fixtures, with only the venues being reversed, obviously. Therefore, you may be hoping for the possibility of a great rugby fest, as we had last year, or is it more likely to be a great Celtic Sulk, with England already crowned as both Triple Crown winners and Six Nations Champions. One thing’s for sure, with the French playing in Paris, they will not just give a Gallic Shrug, roll over and allow an English party to take place. So, as they say in down town Marseille, “Jeu Sur”.

The first game of the day is Wales v Italy, KO 14:30, as the 2nd Team will be playing at home, KO 15:00, this game will be recorded and shown later in the day. Second we have Ireland v Scotland, KO 17:00, this will be shown live, with what I would expect to be a very large contingent of Mel Gibson impersonators in the clubhouse. Poor Declan is going to feel well and truly out numbered. Finally we have the latest instalment of the never ending “100 Year’s War” (references to Crecy, Poitiers & Agincourt will be allowed, oh and don’t forget Waterloo, so much for the Entente Cordiale), with France v England, KO 20:00.

There will also be a promotional event with selected hand pull beers being discounted to £2 a pint between 18:45 & 19:45. Only one requirement and that is you have to have purchased two pints of hand pull before the start time of 18:45 and only one pint at a time unless your drinking partner has also qualified. Proof of purchase will be issued by bar staff.

The new beers we will have on offer this week are;

Bank Top – “Leprechaun Stout” – 6%, go on, I dare you,

Blackjack – “Dead Man’s Hand” – 4.1%, careful now, this might have too much taste for some,

Boggart – “99 Steps” – 3.8%, named after the number of steps in the Clough,

Charles Wells – “Try Time” – 3.6%, hopefully it will be, and finally

Seven Bro7hers – “Session” – 3.8%, in true biblical fashion, keeping what some would say, the best to the last.

Additional beers may appear, as required through the course of the week end.


Six Nations Results & Predictor Progress, plus A Smug Bookie

Well some one’s feeling well and truely smug.  With a running total of 500 points scored to date, the projected total points scored in this year’s six nations championship is heading towards 625. This is very close to the bookies mid-point prediction of 631. As we stand, and if the scoring continues at the current rate, Mrs Evil Dictator will be the winner. However there’s lots of rugby to still to be played and as they said in Stingray, “anything can happen in the next half hour”, never mind the last three games.

Please note the Predictor book is still open, but you must also note, all numbers are now £5 stakes. However you also need to be aware that the cost of any number may/will increase due to the whim of the bookie as the last three games progress and we get closer to the final whistle. The book will finally close at half time of the final game, which is France v England. KO 8:00pm.

Don’t forget there are also 2nd & 3rd place prizes to be won so you really have to be bold and go for a punt.

Finally, and as I have said previously, there will be a 10% contribution of the total takings to the Paul Newton fund, so please, if you have not done so already, make an effort to buy a number to support both Paul & your club.

The proposed split will now be as follows; PN fund 10%, Club 30%, First Place 30%, Second Place 20% and Third Place 10%. With the current pot sitting at £240, well below the bookies hopes I know, yet as they say in down town Ancient Rome, Nil Desperandum. For those who can’t do basic sums this means the proposed pots stand as follows; PN fund £24, Club £72, First Place £72, Second Place £48 and Third Place £24.