Spatial perception study continues…


Hi All,
Just wanted to pass on my thanks to the 24 participants who have already completed the tasks within my study and the 12 that are part way through their tasks. Please could anyone else interested/prepared to take part please speak to me as soon as possible, as I am still looking for more participants and have a deadline of Feb 15th for the data collection.

The data so far is showing some very interesting variations in ability, so I am hoping we will really get a better understanding of our individual differences and therefore think about how this could impact successful training and performance improvements.

Participants need to complete all 4 tasks under my supervision, taking approximately 30 minutes. As some of the gym goers know I am happy to test people between sets in the gym, to make the most of their time.

I will be testing in the club before and after training Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and before and after games at the weekend, this week and next.
Thanks for your continued support,

Shelley or