Social Update


Last week end’s Oktoberfest was one ‘ell of a great night.  Well done Kath for the organisation, yes she did just about all of it.  The 13 piece band was brilliant, the food was excellent and the beer flowed freely.  We even found the good stuff (beer that is) just before everyone started to go home.  If you missed it hold your head in shame.  Two ideas for next year, schnapps and some photo’s for the web site.

Meet t’ Brewer

The next social event is on Saturday 19th October.  Starting 7:30pm.  This will be a meet the brewer evening.  Entry is free, so no need to insist on staying just because you’re a club member.  The brewer this year will be Dunscar Bridge.  We have had a few of their beers over the past year but we are looking forward to trying a few more.  There will be 6 beers from the brewery on the bar that night.  After the presentation by the brewery there will be a short Q&A session followed by food (at a reasonable price) and then a short quiz.  The 3 main themes of the quiz being; The Brewing Process and the types of beer it produces (so good idea to take notes during the presentation), Beers of the UK, and Pubs of Greater Manchester.  To get a steer on the last two rounds it would pay to spend some time with the quiz master and find out just what tickles his fancy (beer & pub wise I mean).  Bribery always helps.

So see you all there, Cheers.


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