Social Calendar

You will all be pleased to know that your hard working, unpaid, Social Committee (more than 2 people at last) have put together/planned an almost full Season of Social Events to keep you all entertained. The eagle eyed will note we have avoided Saturdays when the First Team are on one of their merry trips to the far North.

All of these events, and more, have been entered in the events page on the club website. Please note that all events are open to all sections of the club, Licencing regulations and the hour of the day permitting for the younger ones.

Full details of all events will be released closer to each date so please keep an eye on all notice boards and the web site. If you want to know more about any particular event, sooner rather than later, please do not hesitate to ask.

If a member has an idea for a social event please approach any of the Social Committee and we will be more than pleased to consider it and see if it will work. But please do not just come to us with the name and telephone number of a singer you heard the night before. We will need to know the type of your social event (may be a singer or band), contact details, if any, and ball park figures of the costs involved.

The Social Committee is led by Martin Parkinson and Kathryn Wilkinson.