Six Nations Week 3 – Results and Predictor Progress

Well, this week’s games gave us a total of 115 points, making an aggregate (running total) of 334, (this is one point more than at the same stage last year and considerable more than two years ago).  However at the present scoring rate we are still looking at a final total of 555.

Now, it should be noted that in previous years the final weeks normally sees a pick up in the scoring rate and the bookie claims he is confident the final total will fall within his favourite numbers.  One thing for sure it aint going to be the 487 The BROM & DON put a bid down on.

If you haven’t bought a number yet now is the time before prices rise, as the bookie is considering shorting the odds on all numbers down to 561.  i.e. all unsold numbers between 561 and 585 will go up to £5.

2014 2015
Week’s total Aggregate total Week’s total Aggregate total
Week 1 122 122 89 89
Week 2 89 211 142 231
Week 3 97 308 102 333
Week 4 136 444 106 439
Week 5 159 603 221 660


I’m sure most of you will be aware of the unfortunate injury Paul Newton, our 4th Team Captain & Prominant DofE Leader has recenty recieved.  As a sign of respect a donation from the Predictor fund will be made to the collection being run by his 4th Team colleagues.  This will result in a small reduction in the percentages being awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions plus the club’s profit.  The organising committee trusts that everyone will be in agreement with this proposal.

Therefore if you havent had a go yet, you really haven’t got any excuses not to.


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