Six Nations – Week 2 Results & Predictor Progress

Well, two down and three to go, so where are we now.

Week 2 gave us a total of 118 points making an aggregate (running) total of 218. If this rate of scoring was continued we’d be looking at a final total of 545 points. A bit below the lowest favourite number of 586 you might think, but well ahead of the outside punt of 487 “The Brom & Simon D” have done a combo on. Clearly sticking you head up someone’s backside has an effect on the brain.

Anyway, it’s still early days and if we look at the previous two seasons you will see that the scoring rate is sporadic in one sense, but consistent in that the last week is always high. You’ll also see that the current aggregate score sits nicely between the previous week two aggregates. So, is the bookie’s prediction regarding favourites to be proved correct, or is one of the outsider predictions going to come up trumps, who knows?

2014 2015
Week’s total Aggregate total Week’s total Aggregate total
Week 1 122 122 89 89
Week 2 89 211 142 231
Week 3 97 308 102 333
Week 4 136 444 106 439
Week 5 159 603 221 660

A list of the results, total points scored and remaining fixtures will be posted in the club house, next to our only remaining telly. There will also be a list of names against predicted scores that have been purchased to date. So if you fancy a flutter, or already have a number but need to cover a few more options, now’s the time to buy a number before the prices go up.



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