Six Nations & the Predictor

Six Nations Games

Next Saturday sees the opening fixtures of this year’s six nations competition.

At 2:25pm (don’t ask about kick-off times)  the opening games of France v Italy takes place.  As we will all be supporting the 2nds away to Wigan and 4ths away to Bury this game will be recorded and shown at a later time.

At 4:50pm (yes, these are stupid kick-off times) we have Scotland v England.  This will be shown live at the club.  As the club bar has taken a bit of a kicking during the month of January due to the bad weather everyone’s support is needed.  So come down and support not only your country but your club.

On Sunday we have Ireland v Wales at 3:00pm (now that’s what I call a proper kick-off time).  Again, lets support the club, you also have the opportunity of winding up the Irish & Welsh factions of the club.

Six Nations Predictor

The sale (or purchase depending on your viewpoint) of the predictor numbers are steadily ticking over.  There are plenty of numbers still for sale so don’t miss out on this opportunity for a bit of fun and chance to win over £200.

If you haven’t seen the details, its quite simple, all you have to do is predict the TOTAL number of POINTS that will be scored in ALL15 games of this year’s competition.

The bookies favourite numbers of 586 to 675 (90 in total) will cost you £5 a go.

All other numbers are £2 a go.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places are on offer.

To use the age old tag line, If Your Not In It, You Can’t Win It.


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