Six Nations Results & Predictor Progress, plus A Smug Bookie

Well some one’s feeling well and truely smug.  With a running total of 500 points scored to date, the projected total points scored in this year’s six nations championship is heading towards 625. This is very close to the bookies mid-point prediction of 631. As we stand, and if the scoring continues at the current rate, Mrs Evil Dictator will be the winner. However there’s lots of rugby to still to be played and as they said in Stingray, “anything can happen in the next half hour”, never mind the last three games.

Please note the Predictor book is still open, but you must also note, all numbers are now £5 stakes. However you also need to be aware that the cost of any number may/will increase due to the whim of the bookie as the last three games progress and we get closer to the final whistle. The book will finally close at half time of the final game, which is France v England. KO 8:00pm.

Don’t forget there are also 2nd & 3rd place prizes to be won so you really have to be bold and go for a punt.

Finally, and as I have said previously, there will be a 10% contribution of the total takings to the Paul Newton fund, so please, if you have not done so already, make an effort to buy a number to support both Paul & your club.

The proposed split will now be as follows; PN fund 10%, Club 30%, First Place 30%, Second Place 20% and Third Place 10%. With the current pot sitting at £240, well below the bookies hopes I know, yet as they say in down town Ancient Rome, Nil Desperandum. For those who can’t do basic sums this means the proposed pots stand as follows; PN fund £24, Club £72, First Place £72, Second Place £48 and Third Place £24.



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