Six Nations Predictor – Final Reckoning

Well, who saw that one coming? I suggested it could happen, but no one likes a know it all. May be that’s why I have so few friends. Ha, as if I care.

With a typical final week’s flourish of 193 points, we have ended up with the total points scored in this year’s six nations championship standing at 693 points. This places the total a bit outside the bookies favourite numbers, 18 points to be precise. Calculating next year’s numbers is going to be interesting. I’m clearly going to need a wider range of favourites, 120 numbers at least.

Anyway, cutting a long story short, for once, this year’s winner of the Six Nations Predictor is Colin Titley Esq with his prediction of 695. Second and third places go to Henryck Getz with 699 & Dave Nicholls with 700, respectively. This also leaves a certain young man who was sitting on 679 cursing Owen Farrell for kicking those last two pens.

With a total takings of £260 this means the split is as follows; Paul Newton Fund £26, 1st place £78, 2nd place £52 and 3rd place £26. The balance goes to the club, which in effect means it is reinvested and covers the cost of one of the beers in this summer’s beer festival.

My sincerest thanks to all who took part in this year’s predictor, especially those who went for the bookies favourites. I did hope for a bigger pot, but quality is always better than quantity. Maybe next year we’ll have more response from the overall membership. I’ll also start doing it earlier.


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