Six Nations Predictor

To add a small piece of interest to this season’s 6 Nation’s Championship, Eccles RFC will be holding a Results Predictor Competition. 

The basis of the competition is to predict the result, points margin and the number of tries scored by each team, in each game of the tournament.  These will then give you your prediction for the finishing order of the championship table.

To enter the competition all you need to do is obtain a prediction sheet, along with the instructions from the club bar and then follow the simple instructions.  The simplicity of the instructions have been tested on the young and old, and the odd front row player.  Copies of the prediction sheet & instructions can be taken and passed around your friends at work. 

Each Entry is £5 (payable on submission of your completed prediction sheet). 

The winner is awarded 20% of all entry money received, 2nd – 15%, 3rd – 10% & 4th – 5%.  

In event of a tie, prize pots are split. 

All profits will be reinvested into the club’s social events. 

The maximum number of entries is limited to 100 to ease administration; therefore the maximum prize pot will be £250.  This also means you need to get your prediction sheets completed asap.

Weekly placings will be posted on the club website and notice boards. 

All entries must be returned, with £5 by 12:00 noon on 2nd Feb 2013. 

Late entries will be accepted, however these will be timed and dated so all games played prior to submission will not be counted to the awarding of points. 

Prize moniess will be awarded in Club House on Evening of 16th March, as soon as possible after the last game, depending on the ability of the judges to add up the points. 

The decision of the Administrators is Final




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