Six Nations Final Week

For some reason, known only to the Great Referee in the sky, this year we have a repeat of last year’s final week fixtures, with only the venues being reversed, obviously. Therefore, you may be hoping for the possibility of a great rugby fest, as we had last year, or is it more likely to be a great Celtic Sulk, with England already crowned as both Triple Crown winners and Six Nations Champions. One thing’s for sure, with the French playing in Paris, they will not just give a Gallic Shrug, roll over and allow an English party to take place. So, as they say in down town Marseille, “Jeu Sur”.

The first game of the day is Wales v Italy, KO 14:30, as the 2nd Team will be playing at home, KO 15:00, this game will be recorded and shown later in the day. Second we have Ireland v Scotland, KO 17:00, this will be shown live, with what I would expect to be a very large contingent of Mel Gibson impersonators in the clubhouse. Poor Declan is going to feel well and truly out numbered. Finally we have the latest instalment of the never ending “100 Year’s War” (references to Crecy, Poitiers & Agincourt will be allowed, oh and don’t forget Waterloo, so much for the Entente Cordiale), with France v England, KO 20:00.

There will also be a promotional event with selected hand pull beers being discounted to £2 a pint between 18:45 & 19:45. Only one requirement and that is you have to have purchased two pints of hand pull before the start time of 18:45 and only one pint at a time unless your drinking partner has also qualified. Proof of purchase will be issued by bar staff.

The new beers we will have on offer this week are;

Bank Top – “Leprechaun Stout” – 6%, go on, I dare you,

Blackjack – “Dead Man’s Hand” – 4.1%, careful now, this might have too much taste for some,

Boggart – “99 Steps” – 3.8%, named after the number of steps in the Clough,

Charles Wells – “Try Time” – 3.6%, hopefully it will be, and finally

Seven Bro7hers – “Session” – 3.8%, in true biblical fashion, keeping what some would say, the best to the last.

Additional beers may appear, as required through the course of the week end.


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