Sedgley Park U9s – Eccles U9s. Sunday 01 Feb ’15

Eccles squad; Mathew. Ollie. Sohan. Jack. Danniel. Seb. Maxwell. Ben. Jonnie. Ethan. Bailey. Alfie. Jake

With recent performances providing a high level of confidence going into this game, and despite nearly a full squad of players to select from, Eccles U9s were always second best against the only team to have beaten them this season.

From the minute we turned up, we fell prey to ‘Parks game plan on their choice of narrow pitch. That shouldn’t have been too difficult to get to grips with but, sometimes the determination to succeed can’t always compliment the effort to put the game together! We were prepared and we were committed, but SP showed why they are the team to aspire to. Time and again they took the first contact and supported the ball carrier, to then pass along their line after drawing in our defence.Simple and effective!

We had our boys trying desperately to click as a unit; Jack came off the field bloodied and exhausted; Mathew scored a powerfull drive; Jonnie tackled his opposite winger into touch only for it to go un-noticed. Ben was denied his space to attack, and Seb could only play on the back-foot and defend.

Park stretched into a lead that we couldn’t hold onto.

In the third session, despite the introduction of the wider pitch, the boys gave it their all to finish the better team. Alfie took a knock to his leg that saw him depart briefly for treatment. This left our defence a little weaker but Maxwell stepped his game up to fill the void. Ben and Ethan had to go in search of possesion that meant our score count was lower than usual. Bailey, in only his 3rd game, tackled bravely and showed some lovely technique again. Jake hunted the scraps around the bass of the tackle area, but without his big runners to hit, he had to make his own opportunities. Sohan carried well into the contact and kept the ball safe. Ollie, so often our game breaker, was forced back and lateral. Danniel couldn’t guarentee his own protection to launch our counter attacks, and could only look to stop the ‘Park attacks gaining momentum. 

So, we’ve learned that not all games go to plan, but, the efforts from these boys was evident after the final whistle. SP were delighted to have ‘done the double’ over us, but they were gracious and sporting and a credit to Dan and Tony, their coaches.

If we continue with our committment and attitude into our games, then we will build on the success this season has brought us so far.

Arm-in-arm, the boys took defeat on the chin. They have not looked back since they came so close in the Rossendale Tournament, so we can only savour what is yet to come for the up-comming opponents!  Mark Dutton once said; “it’s not the number of points you loose by, it’s the number of points you win your next game by that matters!” (Willy Dore never understood this!)

No panic from the coaches as SP deserved to win. As always, we will look to rectify this in the next training session on Sunday. Keep chins up and take a pat on the back in defeat boys!   At least our boys showed ‘Park how they can put sausage n chips away…. now THAT they easily won!