Sedgley Park U8s v Eccles U8s

Eccles U8s Squad; Ollie. Danniel. Maxwell. Finn. Sohan. Mathew. Johnnie. Alfie. Seb. Ethan.

I’m afraid this is going to be one of those match reports where it will prove a literary challenge to come up with words of comfort, and not least because as soon as the coaching team had rolled on/off our first three replacements, the first period of play came to an end without some boys touching the ball!

So let it be said that our rivals from up the M60 deserved thier win first and foremost. Secondly, I’m sure that as the boys are now getting older/stronger/quicker they do have the ability to beat teams like this and also, are able to play for longer than six minutes per playing period! Now this should not provide any excuse, and the instructions prior to kick-off were to “go straight from the first whistle!” I must have omitted the words “today” and so the boys will react this Sunday?! 

Director of Rugby Bates reported a distinct lack of ball handling ability amongst the Gorton St boys as well as the occasional lapse in a normally solid defence. We were given the priviledge of playing on the Sedgley 1st team pitch with a large enough area to compliment the boys’ style of play (something that a lot of senior Eccles players have never experienced!) yet we failed to dictate our kind a play on the opponents.

On the positive side; it really was not for the lack of trying from the boys as individuals, it was just a lack of cohesion on the day which, given thier previous displays, we know and understand what they are capable of. All in all, a bad day at the office which they’ll learn from… but at least the boys cleaned ’em out of sausages ‘n’ chips!

Thanks to Tony and Dan from Sedgely for hosting us.

Training this 10.30am Sunday 9th Feb… where we’ll concentrate on ball skills…I think!