Se7en Brothers Brewery Visit – Saturday 12th Dec

To kick off the Christmas festivities at Eccles RFC, a trip to the Se7en Brothers Brewery has been arranged for this Saturday evening. The Brewery is located on the Weaste Trading Estate, near Media City.  The visit is open to all but is a mainly players event so it will be rowdy.

The “plan” (as much as you can have a plan when herding cats) is to travel there by taxis from the club, or whatever location you may, or may not, be in at the time, to arrive there by 6:30 to 7:00pm.

There is no charge for this visit, all you have to do is buy your beer. A short presentation of the brewery process will take place for those who are interested, or can at least pretend to be interested.  I understand Captains have been charged with providing some form of entertainment.  A few verses wouldn’t go amiss of Bless Your Beautiful Hide (by the captains), Goin’ Courtin’, Lonesome Polecat, Sobbin’ Women, June Bride (by the girls) and Spring, Spring, Spring, (by all). 

There will be a selection of Se7en Brothers beers on the bar, plus some bottled lagers for those too wimpish to try the real stuff.

If you are a lager drink, and if so you have my deepest sympathy, I can recommend that you try a specific beer that will be on offer from the brewery. It is very refreshing and nothing like the normal brown bitter you may have come to fear and dread.

We will then leave the brewery at about 9:00pm and head to the bars in Media City (10 minute walk) from where you can go home to bed with a warm cocoa or venture into town, via the Tram, for more festivities.

As we are representing the club and the best of behaviour is required, at all times, it has been agreed that various undesirables will not be allowed to attend, please see list below and reasons why;

The Griffalow – coz he’s Griff

The Brom – coz he’s stupid (I didn’t really need to state that, did I)

Weese James – coz his sole ambition in life is to be as stupid as The Brom

The Bolton Bomber – coz he’s friends with The Brom & Weese (nuf said)

TC – coz he thinks Thermometer begins with an F (honest to god)

Spick Nooner – coz Wifey Wooth doesn’t want to lose him, again (what, you haven’t heard that story, oh my lord)

See you all there and bring your singing voices.


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