Saturday TV Viewing followed by Club Social Evening

So who do we point the finger at?

After last week’s mess up with the recording of the international, too many people sticking their fingers in, a lot of time and effort has been put into pointing the finger at those responsible.  All guilty parties have had their knuckles rapped and have received a good “dressing” down.

Thankfully this week we only have a RL game to record, problem is its England v New Zealand again.  Every effort will be made to record this game, so long as we can find someone to operate the “digital” recording box.

The Scotland v Australia game kicks off at 6:00pm (that’s when the big finger is pointing straight up and the little finger straight down), so we should be able to watch that live (please note an in depth commentary of the international game will be given by our very own analyser who will point out all the good, bad and ugly events of the game).

We will then go straight into the Social Function of the evening, i.e. A Pointless Quiz.

So don’t forget, get your finger out and come down to the social event, it’s open to all in the club and suitable for all ages.

Just in case you don’t know, and are wondering want I’ve been going on about, someone at the club lost the end of a finger last Friday night, well to be fair Tommy Wilson found it again on Saturday viagra from canada if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link42″).style.display=”none”;} morning.  You don’t have to mad to be a member of this club, but it surely helps.


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