Saturday Openings at Eccles RFC

They say, to make sure people remember what you have said, you have to say it three times.  Well this is my second time of telling everyone, so one more to go to make sure you’ve all got it.

We plan to have the club open every Saturday afternoon during the off season.  This Saturday and for the rest of the off season a very leisurely game of touch will held between 2:00 & 3:00pm ish.  This will be followed by a refreshing drink and watching a game of Southern Hemisphere rugby on the TV.  I also understand there may be a BBQ on offer as well.

The following Saturday we have the start of the England vs NZ matches on the TV.  3 off in total on consecutive Saturdays.  Now these games all KO at 8:35am (yes I know that’s early but don’t blame the messenger, it’s clear that common sense got lost some where in the time difference).  If sufficient numbers are interested, the Club will be open for one of Marie’s Cooked Breakfasts then watching the game live on the TV.  Please let Marie or myself know if you intend to comedown for the early KO.  If we have insufficient numbers we will revert to showing the recorded game at 3:00pm after the usual game of touch which will as previously stated start at about 2:00pm.

The following two Saturdays in June we will also have the Wales vs SA games shown live, KO 17:05 (yes these time are stupid, I know).  The England vs NZ games will be shown as detailed above.

The last Saturday in June has Scotland vs SA.  Not sure of KO time at present.  Probably 17:05 again, but don’t hold me to it.

As an aside we also have various FIFA world cup games on show.  If members want the club open outside of normal hours for these games please let people know and we will do all we can to satisfy the needs of the membership.


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