Saturday 30th Update- Bad News & Good News Plus

Bad news first, lets get it out of the way.  Wigan 2’s have conceded tomorrows game so no senior rugby tomorrow.

Good news, and lots of it.

First, this means the 2’s are secure in their league position and the spectre of the drop has been vanquished.  Well done to all who helped turn the season round for the seconds, players & organisers/supporters.  Six wins in the last seven games just shows what could have been.  Time to start whistling the Great Escape tune.

Second, the Junior Festival is still on, Saturday & Sunday, with rugby taking place between 10:30 and 1:30 both days.  So come down and watch and/or join in with the fun of helping run the show.

Third, Paul Newton, aka Rooster Cockburn, has been pestering me all week to have the Army V Navy game on the TV Saturday afternoon.  Considering he’s a failed Kamikaze pilot I don’t quite understand his request, but there you go.  The KO time is 3pm so come early to bag a seat.  I understand Rooster is bringing some friends down.  Alternatively we could watch the Netball on the other Sky channel.  I think a vote is called for.

Finally, I also understand the seconds and others are having an end of season libation, well they deserve it, so come down a join in the fun.  For full details contact Dec & Maddog.


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