RWC kicks off and how

A good attendance at Gorton street on Friday night, saw the RWC Opening Ceremony and England v Fiji curtain raiser.  Thanks to all who turned up to support their country & club.  I think the performance by Fiji laid down the marker for all of the minnow sides in the competition and showed we should not expect any easy games.  Saturday’s & Sunday’s games only reinforced this.

Highlight of the night for me was Bambi drawing the referee in the first & last Try sweep.  After explaining to him the benefit of getting the ref, i.e. no try being scored in the game, and 1st or last try being a penalty try meant he would win, he was still unimpressed.  Then when said ref awarded England a penalty try for the first in the game his attitude soon perked up only to be dashed when told the winnings were to be paid out in Beer Tokens (being a young lad meant he had to give them to his dad).

Saturday saw probably the biggest upset in RWC history with the Mighty South African Springboks being humbled by the diminutive Japan.  Clearly the Sun is rising in the East.  Mind you I did note some strange Japanese names in their line up.  The highlight of that day, I’m told, was Black Matt being consoled at full time by all in the club house, in a truly sympathetic Eccles fashion.

Sunday was not to be outdone with Uruguay taking an early lead against WayAles with normality only being restored at the expense of yet more injuries to the Welsh squad.  To finish the day off, we then had Argentina taking New Zealand to almost the wire with a solid and resolute performance.  What I didn’t understand was the Taffiosi turning up on Friday night, bedecked in red shirts, but they didn’t appear on Sunday afternoon when their team was actually playing.  Maybe they thought the team in red shirts on Friday night was actually WayAles.

Well, don’t forget, more games to be seen at the club throughout the week, with a reshowing tonight at 8:00pm of the Japan v South Africa, for two reasons, first I didn’t see it as I was on first team duty, and second it’ll upset Black Matt again.  Tuesday night will feature the replay of Argentina v New Zealand, 8:00pm again.

Other games are to be shown throughout the week nights, so keep an eye on the website and notices within the club.

Next Saturday gets even better with the First & Third teams playing at home, immediately followed by a live viewing of Samoa v South Africa at 4:45pm (a crunch game for both sides), a recorded viewing of Italy v Canada at 6:30pm, then the main feature of England v Wales live at 8:00pm.  Ooh, what a night.

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