Rugby World Cup Final and all that

Well, I told you, I told you so.  As predicted by Mystic Mart we have an all antipodean World Cup Final between Australia and New Zealand.  Full details of the week-end are as follows;

Friday night, 3rd/4th place playoff between Argentina and South Africa.  Kick Off 8:00pm.

Saturday afternoon, final as stated above.  Kick Off 4:00pm.

There will be no club games this Saturday.  But all are welcome to come down, support the club over the bar and watch the games without worrying about your own team.

To add more interest a couple of sweeps will be held for the final, first the usual 1st & last try scorer lucky dip, plus an additional sweep/predictor for Total Points scored.  Each will be £2 a go.

Prior to the actual final, starting at 2:00pm, we will be hosting a general discussion and analysis of the RWC with special reference to the following topics;

England’s squad selection policy, with specific reference to the exclusion of players playing for French clubs (note Argentina’s policy and how far they progressed) and those banished to the naughty step.

The seeding of teams, 3 (or was it just the 2) years before the actual competition.

Has Southern Hemisphere rugby totally surpassed Northern Hemisphere.

Should Japan & Fiji be allowed into the Southern Championship to form another 6 Nations.

The excessive use of TMO causing some games to last over 100 minutes.

The use of big screen replays at the ground.

The amount of sprint training undergone by South African referees.

The possibility of organising a booze cruse to all Oddbins outlets in Scotland to purchase all the unwanted South African wine.

Plus AOB which should be submitted in advance on the back of a £20 note (non-refundable).

Note, these discussion may carry on, during and after the game, and even long into the night.

Normal service, i.e. Club Rugby, it is hoped will resume next week.  Mind you there are three England v New Zealand RL games to look forward to.  C’est la vie.




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