Rochdale v Eccles Lancashire Trophy semi

Rochdale 77 – Eccles 1st 12 : Lancashire Trophy semi-final

Some say, when you take part in a high jump contest it always ends in failure.  Even the winner of the competition is required to keep going on until they reach the height they cannot pass and become eliminated.  I call it the Icarus Syndrome.

So after the previous week’s success and celebrations Eccles travelled to Rochdale in the Lancashire Trophy semi-final in an attempt to see just how high they could leap.  A reality check for the next season against a strong level six side.

Now I took detailed notes of all the scores, and if you want to see them, then you are a sadder case than I am.  Sufficient to say the lads came up against a very good Rochdale outfit and learnt a hard lesson about just what they will need to do to compete next season.  For the record the final score was 77-12 in favour of the home side.  The Eccles scorers were tries by Greg Wilson from a regulation catch and drive lineout and Reece James from a basic movement of the ball along the three-quarter line and a simple run in to the corner.  Danny Holland completed one conversion.

Once again, as it has turn out, in all the cup games this season we were able to give run outs to lads who normally don’t get much of a chance at the first team.  This time mainly due to the high injury toll recently endured, including the captain Mark Greenhalgh.  Another key lesson to learn and get used to, for next season.

It was really good to see so many supporters from Eccles turning up to cheer the lads on, they were clearly making up for missing all the fun and frolics of the previous weekend.  Now for some reason, so I’m told, Joe Dale has developed a branch of his own fan club in the Rochdale area.  “She who must be obeyed” informs me that throughout the game all that could be heard from the home support was Joe’s name being called out.  Or were they just shouting “Go Dale”.

Yes it was a very hard lesson, but the worst thing in life is not failing, it’s not trying to succeed in the first place.  Or as I’ve had to say to a young man, there’s no disgrace in being knocked down, only not wanting to get back up again.

But my final and positive thought of the day goes to what old Doris used to sing;

Que sera sera, whatever will be will be, We’re going up a league, que sera sera.


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