Rochdale 4th 99 v Eccles 4th 7 23/01/2016

The pirate crew washed up on the Pennine uplands with a reshuffled crew unfortunately without a full deck (only 12 this time) but prolonged bartering eventually saw 3 of the home squad make up the muster. A quick pitch side sort established the relevant playing positions but in circumstances it was inevitable that Rochdale would gain the upper hand . On a wide pitch Rochdale with superior strength and pace backed up well to exploit good breaks especially employing excellent off load techniques to score tries a steady intervals to rack up a 45-0 lead at the interval. Rochdale rang the changes in personnel in the second half amongst their players on both teams that one minute you were tackling somebody who the next had transferred to your side. The second period started with blitz of three almost identical tries (ball out wide beat one defender pass to support and race away) which was say the least dispiriting but the fourths hung on in there even though a mistake would result in a long range home try. The last 20 minutes saw the  best of the fourths produced some strong forward play creating problems for Rochdale who had in no way eased up in pursuit of bagful of points .Splendid forward play after a line out almost saw Eccles on the  score sheet but Andy Wareing just lost control of the ball as he went over the try line but he and the team got just reward short afterwards as even better play saw him force his way over with Sam Delaney converting. Rochdale amassed a sizeable total by the final whistle ending up on a cornet with a flake but least short of the dreaded three figures due in no small part to a host of last ditch saving tackles from the backs.The most spectacular tackle though came from Andy Davies as his opponent jumped (attempted high hurdle) into him went skywards and head first into the ground fortunately not hurt but penalised for his recklessness.The crew of the Black Pig know that no prizes await for the season and that the rest of the campaign will not get any easier but hopefully retain the spirit they been showing in adversity.Two shipworms emerged from crevices to vie for the Jolly Roger the Spencer’s Sean and his cousin Bradley with former getting the nod and latter joining Tom Rose and Andy Wareing as Button Boys .No Blind Pugh again for they all pulled their tripe out and thanks to Rochdale for the I think 10 players who filled the 3 vacancies on the everlasting rotal