Raise money for the club when you shop online

Eccles RFC are now part of easyfundraising, an organisation that helps sports clubs and other good causes to raise money when their supporters shop online. They have so far raised over £4 million for causes throughout the UK.

It’s incredibly simple (instructions below) and doesn’t cost you anything; the money comes from the retailers you were shopping with anyway. There are over 2,000 stores involved in the scheme, including:


What to do

1. Go to the easyfundraising website (by clicking this link) and register yourself as an Eccles Rugby Club supporter. It only requires your name and email address.

2. When prompted, install the ‘Find and Remind’ add-on for your internet browser. It won’t affect your use of the internet other than making a little icon appear. It will just sit quietly waiting to earn us money.

3. Continue using the internet as normal. But when you go to a website that can earn us money Find and Remind will spring into action and display a message like this one:

ef14. Click ‘Click here to claim your donation’ and (assuming you’re logged in to your easyfundraising account) you will get a message telling you that any purchases you make with this retailer will now earn money for the club:


5. Continue using the online retailer as normal and complete your order.

That’s it. There’s nothing else for you to do. The money will be credited to the club account and used to keep us going.

Just based on my purchases from Amazon over the last 12 months I would have raised about £3 for the club. Not a lot on it’s own, but if every club member (plus their friends and colleagues) did the same then we’d soon be into hundreds (if not more). To use the parlance of our times “it’s a no brainer”.

If you have any questions about this please contact Mark Dutton (07802 345380) or Mark Greenhalgh (07525 434790).