Quote of the Week

During last Sundays inter-colts game, while standing under the posts after conceding yet another try The Brom was heard to say, “they’re not allowed to do that, and another thing it’s illegal”.

However the above has been knocked into second place by the following, which was uttered at the end of the same game and for some a personal nightmare, The Brom (yes again) took off his shirt, threw it to the floor in disgust and said “that’s the last time I’m ever going to wear that shirt again”.  Quick as a flash Persil replied “Jordan, we’re never going to let you wear it again”.  Priceless.


If you have any good, overheard quotes to share please let me know, we could make a regular thing with this next season and have a quote of the month competition.  generic viagra So long “of course” that it is of a suitable nature and can get past the censorship board.

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