Pitches are now closed

The club’s main pitches are now closed until further notice (at least August) to allow the summer restoration works to take place. All training (or other activities) must take place on St. Pat’s, the astro or through the tunnel. When walking to the astro or through the tunnel the path should be taken through the car parks with the pitch access gate remaining closed (as many people already do). When walking to St. Pat’s field you should walk as close to the houses as possible, not just “behind the posts” as this area has been seeded too. The only time walking across the field is permissible is when getting items from the containers, but even then a route as close to the outside as possible should be taken, not cutting across the middle.

It is every club member’s responsibility to ensure that the pitches are allowed to recover during this period so that they are in excellent condition again for next season. If you discover anyone on the pitches, whether club members or not, you should ask them to please remove themselves immediately. If you experience any issues please notify Mark Dutton (07802 345380) with as many details as you can.

The restoration works are already well under way following successful work parties last week. Many thanks to Matt Nombela, Mark Greenhalgh, James Radcliff, Pete Jones, Martin, Will and Matt Parkinson, along with stalwarts Andy Brunt and Ted Nicholls, for all their efforts.