Orrell/Southport U10s -v- Eccles U10s

Sunday 20th March 2016.

After some initial confusion  regarding the correct location of Orrell’s playing ground, we raced over (legitimately of course) to Up Holland High School to discover both Orrell AND Southport waiting patiently, to take us on!

So, with two opponents we obviously split into two teams ourselves:

  • Coaches Team -v- Southport: Ollie, Shayne, Sohan, Lucas, Johnnie, Evan, Finn

Despite an excellent warm up in which the boys showed some great ball skills, the split really had a detrimental effect as it upset the balance of the team in critical areas.

However, the boys really dug deep and it wasn’t long before Shayne was on the front into the contact zone. Ollie looked to support him and tried to time his run for the off-load, but the Southport defence spotted his intentions and launched their own counter attack. Johnnie tried desperately to make the ground up between him and the ‘Port winger, but the first try was awarded to the boys from the seaside town.

From the re-start, Johnnie looked to feed Finn who drove up the middle. Again Johnnie was in support and looked for Lucas on the wing. A good sprint towards the try line was only halted by some clinical defending. Time and again Ollie tried to launch counter attacks but was thwarted by a well organised Southport team. Sohan was denied the possession to gain any ground and could only live off the scraps that came his way. Evan put in some wonderful angles onto the ball and carried well in both hands.

Ollie did manage to get on the score sheet as did Johnnie, but Southport were a strong unit and worthy of their win.

This will be one to forget in all honesty, and the coach must take responsibility for not addressing the balance of the team to make for a better contest.

Dr Dave’s Team -v- Orrell: Alfie, Maxwell, Matthew, Carter, Jake (Tas), Scott

So, over on the other pitch it was Dr Dave and our other team that took on an Orrell team.

The surface and conditions were perfect and from the start Max, Captain on the day, set the example with a storming charge. The ball was recycled quickly (you see, training does work!) and fed out to Scott. With a few defenders about to make it difficult for him, his quick feet skipped into the gap and saw him nail the first try on the five minute mark.

From the restart, Orrell took the ball into contact only to hand possession over as Matthew hit the ruck. The ball found it’s way to Alfie, in a real good run of form at the moment, who set off gliding across the surface. A good body swerve just before the line saw him claim his second try in two games!

With Carter in the side, what you get is rugby on the front-foot! A great tackle saw the ball again spilled and Tas popped it to Max to turn defence into attack.

Max picked the ball up securely to drive for the line and claim his first of the day.

From the Orrell re-start the ball was pushed wide before coming back inside to get the Lancashire side off the mark.

Max was in imperious form and his next run was sublime. With the ball firmly in his grasp, he blasted through two defenders with a third waiting for him on the try line. There will only ever be one winner from such close range as Max grabbed his second!

Tas put some wonderful tackles in, getting his body nice and low to scythe down much larger opponents! He loves it!

Scott completed his hat-trick with a great all-round display, and Matthew scored one for himself. It was Max’s day with the armband though that captured the imagination of those watching as Eccles ran out 7-4 winners!

Right: no games/training next week as it’s Easter, but please do your best to get down to the club on the 01st April for the Race Night! 7.30pm with the added inducement of Paula’s curry and Tracy’s cakes! Raffle prizes welcome!

This is being organised by the U10s and is an opportunity to socialise and support the club. Bring friends and family…. the more that attend, the greater the prize money! It’s about time we made more use of the club and integrated the boys for their future with Eccles RFC.

Thanks all!