Ormskirk 40 v Eccles Snr Colts 14

Today’s trip to Ormskirk gave us all a few lessons in just what we have at the club.  First we had what we all know, a problem this season with numbers for the senior colts.  This week it was 12 players travelling away.  But the positive side to that, it was 12 players who wanted to play, come what may.  So it was 12 v 13, with at least 4 replacements for the home side.

Taking the game straight to the opposition Eccles were soon on the board with a sweet try by Jordan Bromley, still recovering from an embarrassing last night episode, with the audacity of a dummy pass the lad broke the home side’s defensive line with ease and dived over.  Lee Morris kicked the conversion to give the lads a good lead.  However this was not to last as Ormskirk quickly came back and registered their own converted try to level the game.

From the restart a series of weak tackles, and I’m being kind to use the word weak, allowed Ormskirk to score another converted try.  Eccles were soon on the back foot again and after a series of calamities by the Eccles players Ormskirk again scored to take the board to 19 – 7.  The signs were not good, all suggestions were for a big score for the home team, but the lads did as we all know they can and gave their all to claw their way back into the game.

The second half could not have started any worse for Eccles with one of the lads being sin binned for apparent foul play.  However, again to their credit the lads took this “sling and arrow” in their stride and with a two man deficit they once again took the game to Ormskirk.  Following a series of solid drives their hard work was rewarded with a try by James Wright which Lee Morris again converted.

Alas, as with the first half Ormskirk came back well and registered three converted tries.  But this does not give credit to the lads, as they battled ceaselessly to register another score, alas this was all to no avail as the game finished with nothing for the Eccles lads but a knowledge of a hard job done and a good effort by all.

On returning to the changing room the lads found the room locked and so, like good Salfordians, had to climb through a non-window to gain access, so much for security.  The next problem was gaining a shower to wash off and warm themselves up.  Alas the concept of separate facilities for Ladies and Colts does not exist in the environs of Ormskirk, as the lads had to wait until the Ladies had showered before they could gain access to the spartan facilities.  No surprise that the Ormskirk lads didn’t bother to shower.  Then a cup of soup and a bun.

So what have we got?  Simple, a bunch of lads with solid determination to get the job done, with buckets of self pride, ability and determination.  Today’s trip also showed the lads just how lucky they are with the facilities at Eccles.


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