Old Aldwinians 4th 12 v Eccles 4th 5 22/03/2014

The forecast was for a showery day it turned out to be persistant monsoon indespersed with sustained hailstorm which may in part account for the tempest on the pitch in first half for there was as little bonhomie between players as there was sunshine .The tone was set from the kick off with pitch slippy from the downpour and the ball like a bar of soap the game was naturally fanctic as players struggled to retain possession causing a succession of mauls with constant turnovers .Eccles should have taken the lead with couple of early chances but winger Richard Holland lost control of the ball ( he claims it was knocked out of his hand) when already over the line . To add insult to injury Aldwinians gained a line out in the Eccles 22 and took a quick line out with line already formed and ” scored ” a try which was somehow allowed to stand .The conversion was added leaving Eccles disgruntled and distracted leading to a period which can best be described as tetchy and scrappy as boths sides battled it out in forwards in increasing unpleasant conditions. The fourths mood was further darkened as a kick ahead was chased down by two Eccles attackers versus one defender and the odds firmly in their favour when lo and behold the referee brings play back for offside against Aldwinians way back inside in Eccles half only Mystic Meg could work out how that was advantage. The players retreated to the dressings for the half time interval for a bit of respite and warmth with the home side 7-0 ahead . Aldwinians extended their lead with a well taken try as the game continued on it not so merry struggle where any player who retained possession for any length of time would have been awarded a gold clock. Then a ray of sunshine in the unremittting gloom a kick ahead was seized upon by debutant colts forward Danny Bryson on as repalcement winger who raced along the touchline before slipping an excellent pass to Sam Delaney who outpaced the defence to to touchdown. Unfotunately the conversion was missed and strive as hard as they could Eccles just could not add to that score.The match remained competetive to the end but neither side could breach the defences to trouble the scorer .The defeat was harsh on Eccles as a drwa would have been a fair reflection of the days efforts. The forwards put up a tremendous display having to work very hard with all that loose ball with Andy Waring and Chris Whitehead the stand out men .Lee Murphy had an assured game at fullback despite saying its not my position being safe and secure under the high ball but it was another bak Stand off Sam Delaney who took the man of the match for his clam all round display. Pancake of the match went to Richard Holland for that early dropped chance though he had tough competition from the other Ricky who also nurdled near the line whilst the skipper(we don’t a need name !!! ) got out of gaol after trademark interception pass nearly cost a try.