Annual Subs 2017/18


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Annual subscriptions for adults are now due. This is essential income that goes towards keeping the showers hot and the lights on. The costs are below:

Players (full membership) – £40 or £3 per month SO
Non-players (full membership) – £25 or £2 per month SO
Social (discount match/event entry only) – £15 or £1 per month SO

Cash payments can be made to the bar, ensuring that your name and ‘annual subs’ is clearly recorded. Completed Standing Order sheets should be submitted to the Acting Membership Secretaries.

In addition to payment, a Membership Form must be completed to ensure that the club have up-to-date contact and emergency contact information for everyone, and to indicate how you have paid. Membership Forms should also be submitted to the Acting Membership Secretaries.

This season’s Acting Membership Secretaries are Paul and Heather Thorpe.

The deadline for subscriptions to be renewed is Sunday 1st October. After this date any membership rewards (including eligibility to play) will be withdrawn.

Puzzled Pint @ Eccles RFC, Tuesday 12th December

Puzzled Pint logo

This coming Tuesday we have a special event at the club. The Manchester branch of Puzzled Pint, a monthly social and puzzling event, will be hosting their December edition with us.

Puzzled Pint is somewhat similar to a pub quiz, except instead of trivia questions you will have pen and paper puzzles to solve which will test your logical and abstract thinking. There’s no set start or end time. You begin when you’re ready and carry on until you’ve finished or had enough. During that time a host will be around to give you as much (or as little) help as you need to make sure you’re enjoying it.

The event is completely free to play, with the intention to spread the hobby of puzzling, while maybe generating a bit of business for the host venue. Doors will be open from 19:00. The bar will be open and food is available (but anything other than bar snacks must be pre-ordered by emailing Mark Greenhalgh).

If you’d like a less manic social event during this busy time of year, or just another excuse to put off the Christmas shopping, then come down and give it a try.

U10s Eccles RFC vs Sale RFC


U10s Match Report – 3rd December 2017

Eccles RFC vs Sale RFC



Although damp conditions, the temperature this Sunday was much milder. The Eccles U10s had a home game against Sale RFC. The boys had a great turnout and managed to field a full team with one sub every 10 minutes as did Sale RFC.

Squad: Alfie, Connor, Flynn, Alfie Mason, Finley, Max, Michael, Owen, Sandy, Thomas and Tyler

Eccles were so quick off the blocks today that the match reporter nearly missed the first try and saw creative playmaking by Owen who passed to Thomas who pulled away to stretch over the line to get Eccles first try in the first 1 minute of play. Definitely their quickest try of the season so far! The first 5 minutes saw fantastic organization, motivation and strong team play with plenty pressure put on Sale to get out of their own 22. A strong tackle and push forward from Alfie, Finley and Sandy saw a pass to Connor who calmly put it over the line to get Eccles second of the morning. With strong defensive play from Alfie, Flynn and Max, quick passing between Michael, Alfie Mason, and Sandy and strong team defending saw a pass out wide to Tyler who ran to score Eccles’s third try. In the following quarter, there was even more urgency from Eccles who gave a repeat performance – this time demonstrating clever interplay between Thomas, Michael, Sandy and Finley and a final pass to Tyler who attacked with lightning speed to score their fourth try. The last 5 minutes of the first half showed strong determination by the Sale boys but great team spirit and organization from Thomas and Flynn saw Tyler being pushed out to touch and Sandy falling just short of the try line.

After the restart, Eccles broke quickly to make ground. Strong tackles from Alfie, Flynn Finley and Owen saw a well organized ruck where Connor passed to Sandy who passed to Alfie Mason for Eccles fifth try of the match. Good retaliation from Sale and a real team effort saw Owen make a lovely pass to Max who drove forward to pass it to Sandy who edged another couple of yards before passing to Connor to score our sixth try of the match. With slightly more confidence, Eccles U10s began to challenge more balls and push forward with contributions from Connor, Tomas, Owen and a nice pass out to Max in space, giving Eccles their seventh try of the day. From the restart, Sale responded quickly to push into Eccles 22. Good pressure from Flynn, Connor and Owen saw Sale steal the ball and caught the boys off guard to score their first try of the match.

Eccles started the game by creating good, strong drives up the middle with Owen, Max, Michael, Tyler and Sandy showing some strong defensive moves/tackles. From the ruck, a quick pass from Michael to Connor, where Tyler found a gap to pass to Owen to get the eighth try of the match. From the restart, determined, forward play from all of the Eccles team saw clever passes between Finley, Tyler and Alfie to Sandy who scored the ninth try for Eccles. Good forward play from Connor, Alfie Mason and Flynn saw a ruck taking place on the Sale 22. Clever interplay between Connor, Flynn to Tyler who attempted to get down the line again was tackled just before the try line but he cleverly kept the ball in play. Quick thinking and strong defending saw a quick pass from Tyler to Max who passed to Michael to score the final try of the game.

Final Score: Sale RFC 1– 10 Eccles

Men of the match: Excellent team play with all players showing their strongest game so far. Therefore, the whole team gets a mention here – well done boys!

Sunday 10th December – Home games cancelled due to weather

All Mini, Junior & Colts games due to be played tomorrow – Sunday 10th December 2017- at Eccles RFC are OFF due to snow and ice.

I will make contact with all the travelling teams but can Eccles’ coaches please make sure our parents know the games are off.

There is more severe weather forecast over the next 36 hours so it seems a wise move to make an early decision on the games.

For those teams who are due to play away tomorrow I will be in contact with you directly via e mail and or text to clarify if your game will go ahead or not.

I will attempt to try and rearrange any cup matches scheduled for tomorrow till next weekend as per Lancashire Rugby’s guidelines.

If there are any questions please contact me .

Many thanks and keep warm and safe this weekend .

Leeann Aspinall

M&J Fixture Secretray

07813 202971


On 1st July 1916 the Salford Pals battalions of the Lancashire Fusiliers Regiment left their trenches to attack Thiepval.  Very few were to survive the mud and machines guns to make it home. 101 years later, this summer, a group of U18 rugby players set out to retrace their journey from Salford to the Somme Battlefields.

The story of the 2017 Eccles RFC Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Expedition is told here : SOMME 101 FILM

The film, is a tribute to the former Eccles RFC players and all those who volunteered and sacrificed their lives during The Great War 1914-1918.

It was researched and produced by the 2017 ECCLES RFC DofE Gold Award Team with the generous support and assistance of Salford War Memorials, The Fusiliers Museum, Dock10, The Creative Camera Company and The Music Jar.

Virtalis- New Sponsor for U14

The U14s are proud to have their new kit sponsored by Virtalis.  The support offered by Virtalis has enabled the team to purchase a new match playing rugby shirt for every player along with a new waterproof/windproof  training top- no more freezing on Wednesday evenings!

We hope our current winning form will mirror the strapline of the company’s logo and we too will MAKE VIRTUAL A REALITY.

Virtalis is a world-leading Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced visualisation company.

Its products and systems enable real understanding of information and data, with 3D interactivity giving every project a new dimension.

Advanced visualisation, simulation and VR offer an immersive experience, as well as delivering a valuable return on investment.

Virtalis will arm you with an essential set of tools to improve your competitiveness.