Annual Subs 2017/18


Annual subs photo

Annual subscriptions for adults are now due. This is essential income that goes towards keeping the showers hot and the lights on. The costs are below:

Players (full membership) – £40 or £3 per month SO
Non-players (full membership) – £25 or £2 per month SO
Social (discount match/event entry only) – £15 or £1 per month SO

Cash payments can be made to the bar, ensuring that your name and ‘annual subs’ is clearly recorded. Completed Standing Order sheets should be submitted to the Acting Membership Secretaries.

In addition to payment, a Membership Form must be completed to ensure that the club have up-to-date contact and emergency contact information for everyone, and to indicate how you have paid. Membership Forms should also be submitted to the Acting Membership Secretaries.

This season’s Acting Membership Secretaries are Paul and Heather Thorpe.

The deadline for subscriptions to be renewed is Sunday 1st October. After this date any membership rewards (including eligibility to play) will be withdrawn.

Eccles 2XV  14-66  Penrith 2XV 

Eccles 2XV  14-66  Penrith 2XV 

Saturday 21st April 2018


▪7 mins    0-7  TRY Penrith; Converted

▪8 mins    INJURY Eccles (now 14 men)

▪11 mins  0-14 TRY Penrith; Converted

▪15 mins  0-21 TRY Penrith; Converted

▪18 mins  7-21 TRY Eccles (Swain); Converted (Swain)

▪33 mins  YELLOW  Eccles (13 men – High Tackle)

▪33 mins  7-28 TRY Penrith; Converted

▪35 mins  7-33 TRY Penrith

▪40 mins  7-38 TRY Penrith

HT 7-38

▪INJURY Eccles (now only 12 men, spectator volunteers to play to take it back to 13)

▪41 mins   7-45 TRY Penrith; Converted

▪43 mins   7-52 TRY Penrith; Converted

▪60 mins INJURY  Eccles (Swain) (now 14 men)

▪60 mins   7-59 TRY Penrith; Converted

▪63 mins   7-66 TRY Penrith; Converted

▪67 mins   14-66 PENALTY TRY Eccles; Converted

▪67 mins  YELLOW card Penrith


FT 14–66



1. Stu Poole 

2. Davies 

3. Stu Cork 

4. Tony Simpson 

5. Anthony Dutta 

6. Dave Cusick

7. Kyle pickford 

8. Matt Nombela 

9. Washy 

10 Matt Swain 

11. Jonno 

12 Gareth Miller

13. Neil Williams 

14. Will Tait 

15. Chinese

Once again Eccles 2XV struggle to find 15 fit players and suffer the consequences with a heavy home defeat, playing almost the entire match with at least one player less. An Eccles yellow awarded for a high tackle in the 1st half proved decisive, with the visitors taking full advantage running in 5 tries during the 10 minute sin bin.  The team battled all the way to end earning a late Penalty Try for their efforts, but three more injured players, who left the field with no Physio support, added to the general misery.

👏 CONGRATULATIONS TO PENRITH 2XV, who brought a coach full of supporters with them and ended the game as Division 2 North League Champions.

Looking up from the bottom of the table, the patched up Eccles 2XV limp into their last fixture next week at home vs Littleborough – one last opportunity to record a home win. Today’s waterbottles sum up the 2s season. 

2nd XIII Struggle On

Bottom of the Division 2 North table, with just 2 wins and 2 games to go, things look bleak for the 2s.

With depleted numbers and an inconsistent weekly line up, the 2XV continue to suffer heavy defeats on the road as a 2XIII. Recognition must go to Captain Alun Davies and all those who persevere with him each Saturday to fulfil the club’s fixtures in difficult circumstances. Their resolve and spirit does them great credit. The courage, discipline, resilience and heart of the Eccles 2nd Team can not be faulted – What is needed is 15 players and replacements every week.


Leigh 2XV  24-12  Eccles 2XV 

Saturday 7th April 2018

  • Scores:
  • 7 mins    0-5  TRY Eccles
  • 20 mins  5-5  TRY Leigh
  • 23 mins  5-12 TRY Eccles; converted
  • 38 mins  10-12 TRY Leigh
  • HT 10-12
  • 41 mins  17-12 TRY Leigh; converted
  • 80 mins   24 -12 TRY Leigh; converted
  • FT 24–12


  • Team:
  • 1. S Cork 
  • 2. Davies
  • 3. S Poole
  • 4. 
  • 5. D Cusick
  • 6. A Wood
  • 7. K Pickford
  • 8. M Hill
  • 9. M Hope 
  • 10. A Stimson 
  • 11. A Davies
  • 12. P Heseltine
  • 13. Bill
  • 14. T Cullen


Eccles 2XV began the match with only 13 players including 3 colts, one of whom arrived late and one who was injured in a tackle on the stroke of half time. Eccles had no option other than to continue with 12 men for the remainder of the game.

Despite their numerical disadvantage Eccles played a competitive first half and were ahead at the break 10-12 with tries on 7 minutes and 20 mins. With the loss of Matt Hope at scrum-half and the necessary juggle of positions, momentum shifted to Leigh immediately following the restart, with a quick try in the corner, taking advantage of their overlap of players on the wing. Eccles went on to dominate play and possession for the entire reminder of the second half, with Leigh, unable to escape their own territory, resorting to desperate kicks upfield to relieve the pressure from a determined Eccles, who pressed hard for the try that would give them victory. With the full-time whistle poised on the referees lips, a long clearance kick from Leigh bounced and stayed in play, leading to a chase that an exhausted Eccles could not reach and the home team ran in easy second second-half try on the death, giving them a comfortable looking 24-12 win, that did not reflect the close fought game. Not for the first time this season, an under-manned Eccles ran out of steam and players and were unable to hold onto a lead.

Littleborough 2XV 41- 0 Eccles 2XV

Saturday 14th April 2018

  • Scores:
  • 20 mins INJURY (Newlove)
  • 23 mins  5-0   TRY  Littleborough 
  • 27 mins  10-0  TRY  Littleborough
  • 30 mins  17-0  TRY  Littleborough
  • HT 17-0
  • 3 more home tries and a penalty followed.
  • FT 41–0 


  • Team:
  • 1. S Poole
  • 2. Davies
  • 3. G Hamer
  • 4. Tait
  • 5. Richardson 
  • 6. D Cusick
  • 7. K Pickford 
  • 8.
  • 9.  J Waring
  • 10. A Stimson 
  • 11. D Cusick
  • 12. Williams 
  • 13. A Davies 
  • 14. N Newlove




Although a different scoreline to the previous week’s Leigh fixture, Littleborough away was similar demoralising story. Eccles 2XV once again began with 14 players and uncontested scrums and endured for the first 20 minutes without conceding any points; then lost a player to injury in a tackle (Nathan Newlove), which the opponents immediately took advantage of to score an opening try down the wing, with an overlap, in the corner. 

The familiar pattern took shape, with the deadlock broken, Eccles suffering a period of defensive frailty where more points were pilled on quickly with more tries scored down the flanks. Eccles galvanised at half-time and enjoyed a long period of determined sustained pressure in the 2nd half with prolonged attacks, camping out in the muddy Littleborough 22 just a few yards from the goal line, but coming away without scoring points, only for the opposition to kick long and expose lack of defensive numbers to score easy tries under the posts, as the 13-man Eccles team tired.  Disheartening stuff. On a positive note the sun was out.


U10s Eccles RFC vs Sefton RUFC


U10s Match Report – 15th April 2018

Sefton RUFC Eccles RFC 

Squad: Connor, Flynn, Joe, Michael, Owen, Sandy, Tomas and Tyler

Eccles RFC U10s turned up today and were so quick off the blocks that the match reporter barely got her pen out to see a quick pass from Sandy to Owen to score Eccles’ first try in the first minute of play. The next 5 minutes saw positive play from the boys, putting lots of pressure on Sefton to get out of their own half. Good pressure from Joe and Tom and a wide pass out to Tyler from Michael saw Eccles get their second try of the match. Despite strong surges by Connor and Flynn, a loss of concentration from ERFC saw Sefton pick up a loose ball to score their first try of the match. Good positive reactions from the whole team though and great determination in the tackles from both sides. From the ruck, an ERFC ball passed quickly by Connor to create quick interplay between Joe and Sandy who passed to Owen who just missed the line due to a determined Sefton side putting in the tackle. Undeterred, the whole team pushed on – Owen, Tomas, Flynn and Joe putting in some great tackles and winning the ball, found Sandy surging through Sefton defence to score the third try. Despite momentum lying with Eccles, Sefton again sneaked in to score two consecutive tries. A clever tackle from Tom followed by a quick steal from Sandy who passed to Connor who calmly found Tom to let him get his first try of the match. In the following quarter, Sefton took quick possession to score again and move into the lead before the half time whistle.

From the restart, clever interplay between Flynn, Michael, Sandy and Joe and a final pass to Michael from Tyler to score another try. Followed quickly with a key tackle from Flynn to Owen to find Michael who attacked with lightning speed to score a consecutive try. With a few more subs, Sefton’s fresh legs saw them surge ahead and score a couple of tries. The last 5 minutes of the second half showed strong determination by the Sefton boys but great team spirit and organization from Tomas and Flynn saw Sandy just edging over the try line to score Eccles 7th. With more confidence, Eccles U10s began to challenge more balls and push forward with contributions from Connor, Joe, Tomas, Owen and a nice pass out to Tyler in space, giving Eccles their eighth try of the day. Nearing the end of the match, Eccles unfortunately let down their guard to allow Sefton through to equal the match.

Final Score: Sefton RUFC 8 – 8 Eccles RFC

Men of the match: Tackling, passing and rucks were much improved today. Therefore, the whole team gets a mention here – well done boys!

U10s Eccles RFC, Glossop RFC and Leigh RFC


U10s ERFC Match Report – 8th April 2018

Eccles/Glossop RFC vs Leigh RFC

A spring morning for a home fixture. Both Eccles and Glossop had a few absences this week due to the Easter holidays, so they joined forces to play a full Leigh squad.


Squad: Max, Sandy, Alfie Mason, Joe, Owen, Tyler, Flynn


After an even midfield battle for the first five minutes, Leigh pushed up a gear to score the first try of the match. Eccles looked to respond with some strong tackling from Sandy, Tyler and Joe followed by some positive forward running from Alfie Mason. Despite their determined efforts, Leigh broke again out on the wing for their second try. Eccles continued to push forward and won a penalty for their efforts and some quick passing from Owen and Max together with the Glossop boys out to the Eccles left flank released Alfie Mason and Tyler who both demonstrated some powerful running, but Leigh’s defence were on fire as they intercepted the ball from the ruck time and time again to get a quick couple of tries in succession. Again, Leigh looked the more alert from the restart and responded quickly to get another try. Undeterred, the Eccles boys provided a brief display of positive runs and passing between Alfie Mason, Owen, Flynn and Tyler, but the depth and quick thinking of Leigh’s squad was proving to be the difference as they pushed forward again for another couple of tries. A proud Eccles team continued to show their strength of character with some defiant tackling and persistent attacking however, Leigh had the last word with another brace of tries before the final whistle.

Congratulations to Leigh for a rugby masterclass today. Hopefully, Eccles U10s can bring their A game for next week’s trip away?


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As you know the U14s are collecting the green tokens at the check out at Asda Trafford Park to win £500. Today it looked like we were in the lead, but it is very close and it ends next Tuesday.

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Please share with your team contacts. Can anyone add to club Facebook/Twitter, please?

Depleted 2XV suffer defeat at De La Salle

De La Salle 2XV 45 – 7 Eccles 2XV 

Saturday 24th March 2018


  • 20 secs   5-0   TRY De La Salle
  • 5 mins    12-0  TRY De La Salle; converted
  • 20 mins            INJURY Eccles (14, head/nose)
  • 38 mins            YELLOW De La Salle
  • HT 12-0
  • 43 mins           INJURY De La Salle (4, head)
  • 45 mins           INJURY Eccles (6, shoulder)
  • 47 mins 19-0   TRY De La Salle; converted
  • 56 mins 26-0   TRY De La Salle; converted
  • 61 mins 33-0   TRY De La Salle; converted
  • 66 mins 40-0   TRY De La Salle; converted
  • 67 mins           YELLOW De La Salle
  • 70 mins 45-0   TRY De La Salle
  • 80 mins 45 -7  TRY Eccles (13 Jones); converted (10 Stimson).
  • FT 45–7 


The second team continue to struggle on with severely depleted numbers and an inconsistent team. Credit must go to all those who showed up and pulled on a shirt, in particular, spectators who, seeing Eccles’ situation, sportingly offered their services. Eccles began with 13 on the field and of them, only 4 had participated in the previous game against Vale of Lune. With late arrivals, wounds, cards and early departures, the tally of numbers on the pitch fluctuated throughout the match and was rarely 15v15. Alongside a full team, the presence of a Physio and a first aid kit was also missed with numerous injuries occurring in a full-blooded contest.

Eccles kicked off but made a disastrous start to the game, surrendering possession to the opposition number 7 on the 10m line, who caught the ball, charged through several half-hearted tackles, and single-handedly scored the opening try with just 20 seconds played, much to the amusement of the home team; 5-0. Eccles continued to play hesitantly. The lack of conviction and communication invited De La Salle to dominate the opening exchanges and from a ruck in a central position inside the Eccles 22, De La Salle moved the ball through their effective backline out to their powerful left winger, who facing a mismatch in defence, bulldozed over in the corner for their second try; converted, despite the angle, with an accurate kick; 12-0.

With just 5 minutes played, things looked ominous for Eccles. However, although the game was to continue with uncontested scrums, the introduction of two more Navy & White shirts at this point made for a far more evenly-balanced competition for the next 35 minutes. With renewed composure and 15 players, Eccles enjoyed more possession. Play moved into the De La Salle half for long periods, the swing in momentum assisted by repeated indiscipline from the home team, who, having begun with all guns blazing, grew more frustrated as the half progressed. On 20 minutes a head collision in midfield, lead to a gashed/broken nose and dramatic blood loss for Eccles 14, Jason X, who unable to continue left the field (15v14). Despite the disadvantage of loosing a man, Eccles continued to compete and with committed tackling, helped by regular De La Salle infringements at the breakdown, the game moved upfield into the home teams’s 22. DLS had a man sent to the bin as half time approached (14v14) but Eccles, who had fought back to recover from the early storm, were unable to turn their possession and pressure into points and the half came to close without further score. HT 12-0

Eccles forward Antony Dutta was unable to continue. Thankfully, Mark Plumridge, spectating on the sidelines had brought kit and boots and was soon on the pitch in the thick of the action. The opening minutes of the second half continued to be an attritional battle. The big De La Salle number 4 left the field with a gushing head split. Shortly after Eccles 7, Hallam X, was unable to continue with a shoulder injury (torn rotator cuff). At 48 minutes, with 15v13 players on the pitch, following a lack of support at a break down Eccles loose possession near the halfway line. The strong De La Salle 11 headed off with the ball on a sweeping diagonal run across the pitch from right to left wing, where he found the space to cruise into the goal area unopposed and score under the posts; converted; 19-0. His individual effort opened the gates for De La Salle who now proceeded to score 4 tries in close succession, with good interplay down the wings using their additional numbers, as Eccles inevitably tired.

Eccles attempt to respond but a promising attack on 65 minutes is thwarted when the skipper twists his ankle on the choppy surface. Heroically, he limps on.  De La Salle earned a second Dairylea slice later in the game but the rebalance in numbers and possession was too late to change the result for Eccles. The 2XV persevered to the end, making a number of determined attacks and their efforts earned them a well-worked try at the death, with fullback Tom Wilson catching a high clearance kick and speed and passing combining to send centre Phil Jones through the gap on the left for the try; converted by Andy Stimson.  FT 45-7


  1. Stu Cork
  2. Andy Davies
  3. Antony Dutta
  4. Tony Simpson
  5. Dave Cusick
  6. Hallam
  7. Matt Nombela
  8. Washy
  9. Andy Stimson
  10. Alun Davies (c)
  11. Phil Jones
  12. Jason
  13. Tom Wilson

Replacement Mark Plumbridge