New Committee 2018/19

At the AGM in June a proposal was put forward and accepted that only the Officers of the club should be elected on the night, and the rest of the committee should be appointed at a later date, following review and discussion. Duly the following Officers were appointed:

President – Paul Thorpe
Chairman – Mark Greenhalgh
Secretary – Mark Baines
Treasurer – Mike Bateman
Fixtures Secretary – Don Edmondson
Club Captain – Mark Greenhalgh

Over the last few weeks I’ve been speaking to members from various sections of the club to gather their thoughts and feedback on Committee and how it operates. The vast majority of that feedback is that they are happy and thankful for the Committee’s efforts, but there were two opportunities for improvement that were mentioned on a number of occasions:

  1. Committee meetings put too much focus on reporting on what has already happened, rather than forward thinking.
  2. There are too many people at Committee meetings and/or they last too long, which is discouraging new people from getting involved.
Based on this I met with my fellow appointed Officers to discuss how we can address these concerns. Below is our proposal:
  1. There will be no reporting in Committee meetings. Reports from each section will be provided by and distributed to all other sections by email.
  2. Committee meetings will focus on club-level objectives, plans and events. Objectives will be agreed in the first meeting of the season and progress monitored each month.
  3. More focus will be placed on sub-committees, to discuss the topics relevant to them in more detail. The frequency and attendance of sub-committee meetings will be monitored by the Committee. The make up of new and existing sub-committees will be confirmed in due course.
  4. The mandatory attendees at each Committee meeting will be:
    • President – Paul Thorpe
    • Past President – Andy Brunt
    • Chairman – Mark Greenhalgh
    • Secretary – Mark Baines
    • Assistant Secretary – Heather Thorpe
    • Treasurer – Mike Bateman
    • Marketing & Comms Officer – Chris Gaffey
    • Men’s Rugby (including Colts) Rep – Sam Simpson
    • Women and Girls’ Rugby Rep – Katie Houghton
    • Mini and Juniors’ Rep – Paul Fleming
    • Ground and Pavilion Rep – Ted Nicholls
    • House and Social Rep – TBC
    • Duke of Edinburgh Rep – Hilary Berry

The new attendance structure ensures that each section of the club is represented while keeping the attendance as efficient as possible. Any club member is still welcome to attend Committee meetings should they wish to.

The proposal was reviewed by the previous and potential Committee members, and accepted unanimously. The attendees will be invited to the first meeting of the new Committee on Monday 6th August.

I believe that these changes will address the issues raised, continue to support the inclusivity of all sections which we value so highly, and put us in a strong position to move forward. I am excited to work as part of the new Committee and looking forward to what we can achieve this season.


Mark Greenhalgh