Minis & Junior Games 16th Feb – all games are on……… this moment

Following an inspection this morning and given the forecast for this evening and tomorrow the games are expected to be on

U16 & 15 will be on the two pitches under the railway.

U7&8 are on the astro. DoR Chris Bates said they never seem to get waterlogged. Flem- have a word.

U9/10/11/12 – we will share areas to the right of the lower pitch under the railway……….on the right and use the grass area by the path that runs alongside the Astro pitch and between the brook……semi-river!

We may have to play on a smaller pitches but at least its a game. Heaton Moor are aware.

Car parking will be tight so car share or walk if you can.

Dry, clean clothes and clean legs/heads/faces in the clubhouse only – you will not be allowed otherwise.

Thanks for your understanding. At least the sun will be out on Sunday.

And the size of my smile will bring a glow to everybody’s hearts!


I’ll check again in the morning.