Mento’s & Cola as Eccles U15’s visit Bolton RUFC

A game of two halves which had been hyped up during the preceding days via social media to the point that the whistle for kick-off was like the mento being dropped in the bottle of Cola.

Eccles started the better of the sides putting sustained pressure on the home defence, forcing some poor decisions by the Bolton forwards. Eccles made the most of the early pressure as our captain Matt W ran in to open up the scoring inside 10 minutes & leaving himself an almost (almost) impossible kick for the extra two points. Matt’s boot pumped the ball high over the posts in a manner that is almost becoming tedious, such is the regularity of his conversions.

0 – 7

Seven points up but the game was still a fairly even affair with both sides battling fiercely for possession and position. Inevitably there was a brief moment of madness which resembled a handbag stall at the one day Debenhams sale. It was disappointing that some grown ups still need to grow up; particularly the one who threw hot coffee over an Eccles player during the brief melle, but hey-ho

Bolton are a strong side and they showed some great rugby to bring the scores level with an opportunistic try scored on the break

7 – 7

Bolton extended their lead with a second try scored shortly after having one of their players sent to the sin-bin for aiming a punch at Oliver W having had a spat with James W – Twin problems

12 – 7

The game became as stretched as the elastic on Adam’s shorts as the second half got underway but Eccles looked to be growing in confidence and strength. Eccles looked to be in when they had Bolton pinned on their own try line for what seemed an eternity but Bolton managed to repel each of the Eccles attacks, eventually turning the ball over and clearing their lines.

Disappointingly for Eccles it would be Bolton who would open the scoring in the second half with two tries that ought to have been prevented but which effectively closed out the game.

24 – 7

Eccles rallied as the game entered its final five minutes and once again had Bolton pinned back on their own try line. On this occasion though Eccles made no mistake as Matt L showed his mole-like tenacity as he collected the ball and burrowed his way through the Bolton defence to ground the ball so far in the corner that even Baby couldn’t be found there. Matt W stepped up and again converted imperiously to close the gap to ten points with the last meaningful play of the fiercely competitive game

Full Time 24 – 14

Overall and putting the dancing around the handbags to one side this was a decent game of rugby to watch. Both sides play good expressive rugby with ball in hand. The Bolton Tight Head Prop (Nr 3) had an exceptional game in open play but he and his front row team mates couldn’t cope with the scrummaging of the Eccles front row of Ellis, David and particularly Josh.

Although this was very much a game owned by the Forwards, it was the likes of Harry C who was exceptional in the first half along with was Brad P who between the pair of them must have made a dozen tackles during the first 30 minutes.

The line out, so often a strength for Eccles, seemed to fall apart with Bolton winning the majority of contests. Hopefully Eccles will grow in strength at the line-out next season as we have some lads who have an ideal build for the lift.

Many thanks to the parents and players of Bolton for their kind hospitality, coffee etc

Eccles U15’s Vital Statistics

Starting IX

  1. Josh G – Loose-Head Prop
  2. David S – Hooker
  3. Ellis P – Tight-Head Prop
  4. Alex T– Second Row
  5. James W – Second Row
  6. Joe R – Blind-Side Flanker
  7. Oliver W– Open-Side Flanker
  8. Alex H – Number Eight
  9. Harry C – Scrum-Half
  10. Matt W – Fly Half (Captain)
  11. Rob S– Left Wing
  12. Chee C – Inside Centre
  13. Ed H– Outside Centre
  14. Jack W – Right Wing
  15. Brad P – Full-Back

Replacements – Max R, James F, Archie , Matt L

Eccles Try Scorers – Matt W & Matt L

Conversions – Matt W x 2

Eccles Men of the Match’s

  • Players Choice – Joe R
  • Coach Choice – Alex T
  • Parents Choice – Brad P, Harry C & Matt W all tied on 6 votes each

Notable Mentions

It was like seeing a little en on Christmas morning spotting the massive box with their name on when the Bolton coach who had intended to referee todays game asked if we had anyone who could officiate in his place. “I’ve got my kit, boots, flag and (of course) whistle in the car” announced Chris.

Great to see Max R back from injury.

Ellis P showed great maturity in calming a couple of explosive situations between the two sides. Well done Ellis!!

20160410_114942 (1)

Bolton Line-Out


Powerful Eccles scrum and Harry C finds Danielles favourite Matt W to set up the Eccles attack

Naughty Step

Ellis P, see earlier comment (only joking)

Joanne for her hair dressing exploits

Danielle for her “Carry On Up & Under” double entendres

The coffee throwing whopper

And Finally

Lets all hope for some good weather for next weekends rugby extravaganza as our boys fulfil the two invitational fixtures; firstly at Colne on the Eccles Party-Bus (for those who have paid up) and secondly at Ormskirk where we play our first international fixture against the French touring side Bonnet de Douche.

In advance of our Spring International I have noted some common French phrases to assist our lads with the old entente cordiale:

  1. The French lads may well describe themselves as “Avoir la patate” – it means they are energised / up for the challenge. This translates to the “have the potato”
  2. If any of the Eccles lads start getting involved where they shouldn’t, they might be told to “Occupe-toi de tes oignons” i.e. “deal with your own onions” or “mind your own business”.
  3. If this escalates to DefCon Bolton, the French lads may say “Aller se faire cuire un œuf” – “go and cook yourself an egg”
  4. The French won’t “fuss about something”…they’ll “make a whole cheese about it” En faire tout un fromage!
  5. The French lads may consider some of you to be big headed & point out that you “Péter plus haut que son cul” or “trump higher than their bum is located”
  6. The French don’t “give someone a tongue-lashing”…they “yell at them like they’re rotten fish” Engueuler quelqu’un comme du poisson pourri!
  7. Joe may be described by his  French counterpart as “Avoir les deux pieds dans le même sabot” which translates to “their two feet in the same clog” – bumbling
  8. The French may tell Josh G “Avoir un pet de travers” – “you’re farting sideways”. They just mean that you are a bit grumpy

Until next week – Bonjour!