Megagame social event – 27/11/15


On Friday 27th November 2015 Eccles RFC will host its first ever megagame (see below). Tickets are £5 each, available from the club bar, but must be bought by Sunday 8th November.


What is a megagame?

Basically it’s a big game with a lot of players, hopefully having a lot of fun. A party with an activity. A very different kind of social event.

Can you be more specific?

You could describe it as a cross between a board game, a team-building exercise and a murder mystery party. The problem with that description is that, dependant on your experience, you could see all of those things as a bit crap. But it isn’t, it’s actually really good.

Okay, you have my interest. What do I need to do?

You have to buy a ticket ASAP. One of the restrictions with this type of game is that it needs to be planned out well in advance. So the deadline for ticket sales will be Sunday 8th November.

After the deadline has passed you’ll receive information via email about how it will all work.