Meet the Eccles U16s – Jack W

Jack W

AKA:     Jack

What is your position in the team:     Winger

Who is your sports idol:     Sergio Aguero

Who is your favourite opposition:     Sedgley Park

What is your ideal pre-match meal:     KFC

What would you solo on the XFactor:     Stayin Alive

Which celebrity have you been mistaken for:     Stevie Riley

Is there a rugby law you’d change:     10m retreat from penalty

Worst Training drill is:     Iron Man

What is your best moment in Navy & White:

Try saving tackle against Liverpool Collegiate

If the Oxbridge Universities are full, what’s your next move: Doctor

Tell us a little about your team mates

Alex T is the most Intelligent of the lads and Joe R is getting nowhere near my homework.

Matt W is the best in training and Matty L is the worst.

In terms of banter Dan A is the worst. Max R definitely has the worst dress sense in the squad.  Josh G is most likely to make it as a pro