Match Report. Under 16s vs Leigh

The first game of the season today saw the Under 16s having to make the short journey down the good old East Lancs Road to our hosts Leigh. The build up to todays match saw more drama than Hollyoaks screen in a year, with the game and kick off time only being confirmed 24 hours time to kick off. let it be noted that writers of the soaps should consider coming down to the club for future storyline plots.

Due to both teams having players seeing out the end of their rugby league seasons, Eccles had a squad of 13 with Leigh having 15. Therefore the match saw Eccles fielding 13 (obviously) and Leigh fielding 14 but with the luxury of having 1 sub. Anyway now that the maths is out of the way ……………

Leigh opened the scoring with a try but no subsequent conversion, only to go further ahead when they scored a 2nd try which this time they were able to successfully convert. Next Rory opened the scoring for Eccles with an excellent try and was then able to squeeze through the oppositions defence to score a second try which was converted by Joe. At this point the score was level pegging and it was all to play for.

Unfortunately for us, Leigh came back with 2 tries and were able to convert both of these, but Eccles came back with another try from, yes you’ve guessed it ……. Rory. (just hope you managed to negotiate a reward scheme with you dad and warn him that the post match Vimtos were on him).

With Eccles’ spirits back up, Leigh broke away to score a 5th and final try plus conversion which put the score at 33:17. Eccles continue to battle, however and an excellent demonstration of team work between Will and Alex saw Alex go onto score a final try for Eccles with the final score ending 33:22

On the whole a good game, it was felt by some that Eccles were perhaps the better side during the 2nd half and the final score did not reflect our performance.

Special mentions to Berri (Rory’s dad) for undertaking the role of waterboy and looked like an extra from chariots of fire (think running in slow motion) and as ever to Coach Archie, our excellent players, our parents who supported the lads and in the spirit of the game applauded good play by the Leigh lads and to Cameron S who returns after missing a season recovering from his operation. Apologies for not drawing attention to what each player excelled at specifically but hey ho i am just a parent who thinks that she is on a creative writing course

To bring this riveting commentary to a close, as the week began with drama so too did it end with some. This time not with a soap opera storyline but with that of a horror flick after I had to go through the traumas of turning the boys rugby shirts the right way round before placing them in the washer for the longest cycle possible.

Alex, Archie, Callum, Cameron S, Dan S, Joe, Josh, Max, Rory, Ryley, Tom, Tumy, Will

Stop Press
They say that every day is a school day and today was no exception. The learning that was taken from today was that one should never wait until the first day of the season to try on your kit. Yes “Beyonce” Bates I do mean you and therefore the mantel of dodgy shorts moves from Archie aka “Kes” to you.