Match report Eccles Vs Orrell

Final score:                         Eccles 9 Orrell 8

Try scorers for Eccles:      Sam (5), Lewis, Mitchell, Tommy (2)

Well folks, this is my first attempt at posting a match report online myself, so I hope it works!

The plan is to try and make the reports relatively short and functional from now on to ensure that we actually get one each week, so apologies in advance for not giving a blow by blow account.

Match overview

Well, what a match! For me this was without doubt the best I’ve seen our boys play since they started full contact. It seemed as though the Orrell match was the culmination of all the training and games up to this point. I know the boys enjoyed every minute of the game, but I have to say that from a spectator’s point of view, I would’ve paid to have watched that performance!

Naturally, being a side associated with rugby league, and no doubt (like us) fielding some out of season league players, we always knew that Orrell would bring fast pace, strong tackling and high intensity, and to be fair, they didn’t disappoint. Credit to our lads though, they really stepped up to the challenge and took the game to Orrell.

Throughout the match our defence was solid as a rock and our attacking play was electric at times. Our build-up play and pressure was relentless, creating numerous chances for turnover and attack.  I’m pretty sure this came as a shock to the opposition as we put away a series of tries early on.

As the game progressed, Orrell piled on the pressure and started to chip away at our lead, but credit to our lads, we kept responding and kept our noses in front. At the final whistle, the score was 9-8 to us and I can safely say that we thoroughly deserved the win.

Couple of things really stood out for me this week. Firstly our rucking was far better than it has previously been. A lot of the uncertain hovering around the tackle was gone, and a number of our boys were taking a keen role in clearing the opposition away quickly. Secondly, it was one of the best overall team performances I’ve seen with some great support play, passing and interchanges. The sheer intensity of the match was simply breath-taking to watch, and if the boys can maintain this level, I believe we’ll be unstoppable.