Match report: Eccles VS Bolton & Ashton on Mersey

Match one:         Eccles Vs Bolton
Score:                Eccles 4 Bolton 4
Scorers:             Josh, Lewis, Jack, Tommy

Match two:         Eccles Vs Ashton on Mersey
Score:                Eccles 9 Ashton on Mersey 2
Scorers:             Lewis (2), Jack (3), Ben (2), Josh, Mateusz

Well, it was another wet and windy day in Eccles as we hosted our visitors for the day – Ashton on Mersey and Bolton. Having successfully picked themselves up last week from a couple of disappointing results, I think that everyone was hoping that the boys would continue their Southport form.

Match one – Eccles Vs Bolton

Bolton was the first fixture of the day, and as our local rivals, I think we were keen for a good start. The Bolton team were clearly going to represent some challenges with their size and power, and roared on by their rather enthusiastic coach, it was going to be a tough game. As we’ve become accustomed, the boys started strongly and their defence set the tone, not giving the Bolton team much chance to gain any possession up-field. The muddy and slippery conditions meant that it was heavy going and certainly wasn’t going to be a fast and agile game – something which our resident freight trains made the most of.

As expected, the game was a close one and the Eccles boys matched Bolton try for try. First try for Eccles came from a lovely bit of build-up play which saw an array of passing up and down the line, culminating in a devastating run from Mitch who took advantage of the overlap and offloaded to Josh for him to carry over the line and score. Lewis was next up with some strong running to score our second. Jack – who’d made a number of determined runs at Bolton – took his opportunity as well and ploughed over the line for our third. Our fourth try was something quite special, which saw a fantastic solo effort from Tommy to run the entire pitch and around most of the Bolton team to score. Definitely a contender for try of the season so far.

Final score 4 – 4

Match two – Eccles Vs Ashton on Mersey

Unfortunately too many tries in this game to remember and recite detail, but it’s safe to say that Ashton on Mersey were on the receiving end of some really exciting and high-tempo play from Eccles. The rucking was still a bit patchy and we were still showing some hesitancy to pick the ball up. Thankfully Mateusz wasn’t so hesitant when he had the chance! Although a much smaller team (on average) than Bolton, Ashton had some really agile players, but the relentless pressure from Eccles meant that they literally didn’t have a second with the ball before an Eccles player was bearing down on them.

Despite the game being a bit of a rout (deservedly so), Ashton’s best player (Emma?) was a constant threat and got her just reward with two tries against us. God help her boyfriends in years to come! Don’t think they’ll be getting on the wrong side of her!

Final score Eccles 9 – AOM 2

I’ll finish with some notes I took on the day for individual performances across the two matches:

Jack – Absolute powerhouse! He was in the zone and enjoying the freight train runs, accompanied by gritted teeth and a death stare! Deserving scorer of four tries!
Tommy – A tackling machine as usual and gave the opposition a torrid time, applying constant pressure and forcing errors. Scored the best try of the first match – great solo effort!
Mitchell – Great run and offload in the first match for Josh to score. Really taken his tackling up a few levels recently!
Ben – Unlucky not to pull off one of his trademark ‘sneaky interceptions’ in the Bolton game. Was a constant, slippery, rolling nuisance for the opposition in both games. Two great tries scored against Ashton on Mersey.
Lewis – Enjoyed some effective ‘freight train’ style running at the opposition in both games, resulting in three tries.
Jude – Made some great weaving runs at the opposition. Really starting to get the hang of this rugby lark now! Great offload to Lewis for a try.
Harry – Unleashed a few of his trademark ‘arking’ runs – attacking the wings. Some good offloading too.
Charlie – Workman-like performance in both games and was prepared to take down the opposition regardless of size. Awesome try-saving tackle against Ashton on Mersey.
Mateusz – Some really powerful running – always with a smile on his face! One of the few players prepared to pick the ball up quickly at the ruck. Great try against Ashton on Mersey
Lucas – Really good offloading with a few cheeky dummy sidesteps. Too clean and not muddy enough! (According to his Dad)
Josh- Lined up a few of his classic eye-watering tackles. Good support play throughout and a couple of great tries. Really good to see him on the score sheet.