Match Report – Eccles U12's v Littleborough U12's

This sunday saw the Eccles U12’s team travel to Littleborough for what turned out to be a fantastic game of rugby.

The first half started off with such a pace that the first try was scored within 5 minutes by Ewan and this was then converted by Tom.  But this only made Littleborough more determined and they followed it up straight away with a try of their own.  There was some great play from the Eccles boys, plenty of tackling from Archie, Tom, Rylea and Joe managed to stop the Littleborough in the tracks until they broke through the line once more to score a try and conversion making the score 12-7.  Then with what was a magnificent display of passing from Tom, Josh, Sean and Callum the ball finally landed in Ewans hands who ran through the Littleborough defense to score a try which was then converted by Tom.  Once again Littleborough managed to break through the Eccles defense and on the brink of half time scored another try which was also converted.  Half time Score 19-12 to Littleborough.

At the start of the second half the Littleborough team started like they meant business but that did not deter our Eccles boys they managed to keep the Littleborough team at bay with some strong defending from Callum, Max and Brendan.  But Littleborough broke through again scoring a try and covenversion bringing the socre to 26-14.  The Eccles boys dug deep and continued to push each other this paid off when Joe scored a try to bring the score back to 26-19 but alas it was not enough to hold off the strength of the Littleborough team with them coming back and scoring another 2 trys both converted.

Final Score 38-19 to Littleborough