Launch of Inaugural 6 Nations Predictor

With the new year quickly approaching us, the minds of some will start to think about the 2016 – 6 Nations competition.  The first set of games start on the 6th February.  With the last set closing the tournament on the 19th March.  Incidentally the last week end of the tournament sees exactly the same set of fixtures as last season, with the obvious exception that the venues are reversed.  If we get anything like the same cliff hanging, nail biting, noose swinging, end as 2015 then we are in for a treat.

We also have to consider the effect of the RWC, on both the players and ourselves the supporters.  Will we get a feel good bounce or a severe post event hangover?  Only time will tell.

To make things even more interesting, and to raise a bit of cash for the club, we will be holding a little competition on the side, based on predicting the total number of points that will be scored throughout the tournament.  In total there are 15 games so there’s a start for you with your calculations.

As it will be a predictor competition, it is not like the first & last try sweep where you pick a ticket and you get what you get.  It is down to yourselves to actually come up with the number (total score) you want.  There is only one drawback to this, the number you want can only be sold once, so it’s a strictly first come first served basis.  More on that below.

The numbers (total scores) will be sold in two bands, £5 for the 90 numbers most likely to win (according to the bookie) and £2 for all other numbers.

The winner gets 35% of the total takings, 2nd place gets 20% and 3rd place gets 10%.  The club therefore gets the remaining 35%.  It is more than likely that the 2nd & 3rd places will be shared as they will go to the numbers one above and below the winner.

If all goes to plan the winner is looking at a prize of over £200.

Basic Rules

The book (sale of numbers) will open on 9th January, at 6:00pm, in the clubhouse.

The book will be open throughout the month of January and into February at times and dates to be published, basically whenever the bookie is in the clubhouse, which as you are all aware is far too often.

The book will close on 6th February, at 2:25pm (kick off time of first game).

Numbers can only be obtained by the exchange of pound sterling, i.e. no credit.

No block bookings; in the £5 band a maximum of 2 numbers in any set of ten per person,  in the £2 bands a maximum of 3 numbers in any set of ten per person.




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