Ladies Ready for 2013

Eccles Ladies return to action this weekend at Novocastrians in the North East, looking to deliver back to back league victories. Eccles last league outing was a hard fought and deserved win away at Carlisle in early December.

A 20-15 victory was secured in the very last minute, on the very last play and it ensured a positive end to the 2012 league programme. Eccles have experienced being on the wrong end of a last play score in the past so savoured the victory and enjoyed the journey back to Manchester.

It was not pretty at times, the forwards fought the game up front but there were too many mistakes and penalties given away. As always, the hardworking backline complimented the efforts of the pack; Eccles eventually took their opportunities and claimed the victory.

Just before Christmas, Eccles took on a Glossop/Invitational side in the Dave Bennett Cup at Eccles. Played in relentless rain with the players head to toe in mud, the game ended 0-0 (which some might say is an achievement in itself). Eccles almost had a try very early in the game but it was not given as the referee was unable to determine whether or not the ball had been properly grounded. The game continued with both sides almost crossing the line, yet neither was able to secure the win.The result was a fair one in the end and reflected the spirit in which the game was played; it was fun, competitive and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves.

A busy schedule awaits Eccles at the start of 2013, two away league games at opposite ends of the country will test the squad over the next couple of weeks. Firstly, the trip to Novocastrians this weekend will see Eccles try and secure home and away wins over them after a bonus point victory in October.

A week later, the same achievement is on offer as they head down south to take on Buckingham Swans. After a 26-10 win at Gorton Street in October, Eccles will be looking to earn another victory and stake their claim for a third place finish in the league.

Home friendlies are pencilled in at the end of January and beginning of February so there will be plenty of opportunities to see the Ladies team in action at Eccles very soon.

Finally, thank you to everyone for your support of the Ladies team in 2012, a successful and memorable calendar year. We have plenty more to offer and appreciate your continued support, best wishes for the New Year.