“Keep the passes short lads” U14s v Woodchurch

Unfortunately due to the effect that the Salford weather had had on the Eccles pitches we had to cancel the visit of Heaton Moor, but were able to honour the game against the touring side form Woodchurch High school.

You could tell Easter was approaching as the rain that welcomed our visitors was of biblical proportions

Isaiah 30:30

And the LORD will cause his voice of authority to be heard, and the descending of his arm to be seen in fierce anger, and in the flame of a consuming fire in cloudburst, downpour and hailstones.

Woodchurch Coach 11:30

Does it ever not bleep bleep rain in Manchester

To the game…

Eccles lined up with a couple of notable absentees which left open some key questions for Coach Kevin. Who would replace Albert in the tough tackling role and in the absence of ‘handbags’ Dan, who would start a fight?

As it transpired the Eccles defence was superb throughout the game with standout performances from many of the players and most notably Jack who seems to improve with every game.

Eccles opened the scoring early on with a try from Captain Matthew who made a diagonal run, holding off the Woodchurch defence to ground the ball in the corner. Distance, weather and ground conditions conspired against him though as he put the kick just wide of the posts

5 – 0

Eccles went on to extend their lead with a try from Chea who in typical fashion crashed his way through a couple of Woodchurch tackles before running ¾ of the length of the pitch to score beneath the posts to leave Matthew a straightforward kick for the additional two points

12 – 0

Woodchurch rallied and responded with a try of their own to close the gap to 12 – 5. It looked like Eccles were about to extend their lead further when the ball landed with Rob who used his lightning pace to break free of the Woodchurch defence and race towards the corner. Once again the weather ravaged pitch played its part as Rob grounded the ball the wrong side of the try line. On the upside I understand that Specsavers have a sale on at the moment.

As halftime approached Woodchurch scored a second try when the Eccles defence found themselves drawn to the play in the centre and Woodchurch cleverly worked the ball wide to leave a three on two which the Woodchurch full back capitalized on.

12 – 10 Half Time

Like the first, the second half was a fairly even contest with both sides having their fair share of possession. Eccles defended exceptionally well, winning the majority of scrums and line-outs and showing some fantastic movement in their attacking play too. Both sides found handling difficult throughout the game, more so in the second half as the pitch began to cut up leading to a number of knock-on infringements – if only we’d kept the passes short….

Eccles closed the game out with a try from Rob who skated around the Woodchurch forwards like an African Mudskipper to outpace their backs to score in the corner (the right side of the try line)

17 – 10

Woodchurch showed great character and never looked defeated, continuing to press for the converted try that would have brought them level, but the rock like Eccles defence held fast and at the final toot of Mr Parkinson’s flute, Eccles has secured another victory.

Eccles U14 Vital Statistics

Today’s Eccles Squad of 16

Chea C, Joshua G, Alex H, Elliott H, Brad P, Joe R, Max R, David S, Robert S, Alex T, Matthew W, Jack W, Matthew L, Lewis K, James W, Oliver W

  • Half Time Score 12 -10
  • Full Time Score 17 – 10

Eccles Men of the Match

  • Coach Choice – Chea
  • Parents Choice – Jack
  • Players Choice – Josh (I think)

Notable Mentions

All the lads and parents who came along to the Sale v Gloucester game following the Eccles fixture

Danielle for volunteering Paul to wash the kits this week

All the players and coacing staff from Woodchurch High School for a fantastic, fair and competitive game

Try Scorers

  • Chea x 1
  • Matthew W x 1
  • Robert x 1


  • Matthew W x 1

Naughty Step

All the lads for forgetting to keep the passes short

Joe R and his flip-flop style rugby boots