Junior Colts vs Oxton Parkonians

Fresh from a disappointing result last week the Eccles U17 Junior Colts were back to winning ways with a season defining performance against an Oxton Parkonians team who had won two from three of their previous fixtures in the Conference League. Eccles new that a good performance was necessary but more over a win today was vital.

Oxton arrived with just fourteen players and accepted the offer of a player from the Eccles squad which was bolstered by a number of players from the Under 16’s together with recent arrivals Josh Stafford and Jordan Burns

From an Eccles perspective both halves were fairly consistent and full of action with Eccles having the majority of the play running in six Trys in each half. Dominance in the Scrum, Line-Out, at the Ruck and at the Break-Down would see Eccles completely overpower Oxton for 90% of the match. However lapses in concentration in important parts of the field would see Oxton score three Trys of their own; not of huge importance in todays game given overall score line but in games that are more nip & tuck, these errors could and have proved very costly. Ormskirk!

Full Time 66 – 17

Many thanks to the players, parents and coaches of Oxton Parkonians RUFC for making the journey to M30 today, I’m sure they will want to overturn this result when we meet again in late January.

Eccles Junior Colts’s Vital Statistics

Todays Eccles Junior Colts Squad

Starting XV

  1. Josh Green
  2. Dan Aspinall
  3. Joe Borrett
  4. James Fletcher
  5. Chris Gillard
  6. Joe Rapinett
  7. Albert Tonoyan
  8. Matty Lee
  9. Nat Kelsey
  10. Matthew Walker
  11. Harry Candland
  12. Shea Skillicorn
  13. Jack Williams
  14. Rob Strickland
  15. Josh Stafford


  1. David Smith
  2. Jordan Burns
  3. John Grundy


  1. Max Riley
  2. Brad Palmer
  3. Ed Hampson
  4. Alex Hardman


  1. Ellis Pearson
  2. Keiron Reed

Scores on the Doors

Half Time 33 – 12             Full Time 66 – 17

Eccles Try Scorers

  • Shea Skillicorn x 1
  • Jordan Burns x 1
  • Josh Stafford x 1
  • Chris Gillard x 3
  • Harry Candland x 1
  • Matthew Walker x 1
  • Joe Rapinett x 1
  • John Grundy x 1

Eccles Conversions

  • Matthew Walker x 8


It must have been a tough one to call but Oxton nominated ‘that big ginger lad’ as the Eccles Man of the Match. So many players making outstanding contributions to todays game however it was Chris Gillard who picked up the honour today. An absolutely outstanding achievement, capped with a Hat-trick of Trys, well done Chris.


Very well done to John Grundy and Jack Williams for representing Oxton during the 1st & 2nd halves to ensure that although Oxton could only muster 14 players, we were able to play a full 15 v 15 for the whole game

It was great to see Brad Palmer at today’s game. Brad has been sidelined after sustaining a injury to his ankle during last weeks game

Jordan Burns made an impact with a debut Try; Josh Stafford maintained his impressive start at Eccles with a Try and John Grundy managed a second half Try despite playing the 1st half for our visitors.

Joe mentioned to me on the way home that Eccles is definitely better than any of the clubs we have visited so far this season, hot showers and good food seemed to be the key!

I managed to miss the whole of the second half as I had über-dad duties to perform, (hence the waffley nature of this report), but I am reliably informed that it was a bit of a performance from the lads.

For those of you that don’t know where Oxton is, it is just outside Birkenhead, home the urban poet Jegsy Dodd and the Sons of Harry Cross who’s work includes:

The Beer Bellied Bully Boys from Birkenhead

Liverpool, so good they named it once

Psycho Nazi Police Cadet in “wheres your muzzy” shock!

Too Good

Eccles were just too good today. An outstanding team performance that wasn’t short on brilliant individual performances too.

Unlike last week, the Eccles Line-Out was totally dominant today, both in possession and in defence. Accurate throwing from Dan Aspinall, clean lifting by James Fletcher & Josh Green and secure handling from Joe Rapinett gave Eccles the advantage at every Line-Out

Too Bad

Twice! Yes twice the ball managed to find its way to smashing Joey Eccles square in the grid

Next Up

Our next fixture will be our first visit (I think) to Burnley RUFC.Burnley have struggled so far in the Conference league having been defeated in their first three fixtures against Oxton, Ormskirk and Clitheroe, racking up just 21 points over these three games. However complacency and over confidence are certain to trip us up if we do not approach the game isn the same manner as we would against a more successful side. Additionally Burnley had their game postponed this week, their lads will be free and eager to perform.