Junior Colts vs Burnley RUFC

Today’s match report would do well to be accompanied by the music from the Hovis Advert; stone houses and a great big hill welcomed our Under 17 Junior Colts as we travelled up th’M66 to Burnley RUFC. This was the first time that Eccles and Burnley have played one another and although Burnley had had a mixed start to the Conference league, Eccles knew that they had to be on their game to avoid dropping further behind early league leaders Winnington, Ormskirk and Wirral.

Eccles arrived with the bare minimum of 15 players, with our hosts only able to muster 14 lads as the game kicked off. Eccles numbers were bolstered as half time approached by the arrival of Joe Borrett and Chris Gillard fresh from a good win away at Bury RUFC with the Under 16’s.

The first half was a fairly one sided affair with Eccles dominating the play in all areas of the pitch, Burnley only getting within twenty metres of the Eccles Try line on a couple of occasions and never really posing a threat. The half concluded with Eccles ahead by in excess of fifty points.

So you’re over fifty points down and haven’t got near the Eccles Try line. How thrilled you must be to see Chris Gillard and Joe Borrett warming up on the sidelines.

At the start of the second half Coach Kevin did a bit of a reshuffle with Chris coming on in the Second Row and Ed Hampson ‘volunteering’ to swap sides and play for Burnley in order that we had even numbers. Not long in to the second half Joe Borrett was introduced as a replacement for David Smith who like Ed, played on for Burnley following an unfortunate injury in the scrum to a Burnley Front Row.

Ed and David both had excellent games firstly for Eccles and latterly for Burnley. However they both looked a little lost when the handbags came out following Davids tremendous tackle on the flying Jack Williams.

The second half action was very similar to that of the first with Eccles dominating the play from the first to the final whistle and running in a hatful of Trys again.

In fairness to Burnley they never allowed their heads to drop and Eccles had to earn every single point. The Burnley lads were physical and aggressive but couldn’t match Eccles for power, pace and rugby, with the Eccles Backs tremendous throughout, scoring almost freely at times. Many thanks to the players, coaches and parents of Burnley RUFC for their hospitality.

Full Time

Burnley RUFC 0 – 102 Eccles RFC


Eccles Junior Colts’s Vital Statistics

Todays Eccles Squad

Starting XV

  1. David Smith
  2. Josh Green
  3. Dan Aspinall
  4. Matty Lee
  5. Max Riley
  6. Joe Rapinett
  7. Ed Hampson
  8. Nat Kelsey
  9. Matthew Walker
  10. Harry Candland
  11. Shea Skillicorn
  12. Jordan Burns
  13. Jack Williams
  14. Rob Strickland
  15. Brad Palmer


  1. Joe Borrett
  2. Chris Gillard


  1. Alex Hardman


  1. Albert Tonoyan
  2. James Fletcher
  3. Keiron Reed

Scores on the Doors

Full Time 0 – 102

Eccles Try Scorers

  • Harry Candland x 4
  • Rob Strickland x 2
  • Jordan Burns x 4
  • Matthew Walker x 2
  • Shea Skillicorn x 2
  • Chris Gillard x 1
  • Brad Palmer x 1

Eccles Conversions

  • Matthew Walker x 8


Eccles Man of the Match was awarded to Brad Palmer who had another outstanding performance at Full Back despite wearing a huge strap-on

his ankle following an injury a fortnight back. Brad ran in a late try and also gave us a reminder of who has the most impressive collection of Vuitton’s amongst that Back’s.

I’m not sure who the Eccles lads voted for their man of the match.

Francois Pienaar’s in the wash

Notable Mentions

How many balls did we get through today? There must be half a dozen in the garden behind the posts.

Great beer and cheap and chips too!

Those concrete fence posts could do with some protection on them eh Rob?

Joey Eccles took his usual whack to the cherries again today but still managed to carry on his run before releasing the ball to Jack Williams. A second mashing of the spuds came during the post match Pie & Peas as Diesel jumped on Joes lap. I’m clearly not destined to be a Grandfather!

Well done to Ed Hampson who represented Burnley for the entirety of the second half and also to David Smith who did the same for most of the second half following an injury to one of the Burnley Forwards.

Tackle of the day and maybe of the season so far has to go down to David Smith who, while representing Burnley chased Jack Williams down the wing before launching an immaculately executed Tap Tackle bringing Jack down and preventing a certain Try

Interesting (in its broadest sense) fact of the day

Eccles didn’t have a single Line-Out today

Quote of the day

“He could of shaved his R’s”

State of the Nation

With just two games left in the first half of the Conference League Eccles are tied in third with Ormskirk just 2 points behind Winnington Park and Wirral

And theeen!

Next weekend sees Clitheroe RUFC make the trip from East Lancashire down to Gorton Street. We have played Clitheroe before and on that occasion Eccles came out on top. So far Clitheroe have suffered one of heavy defeat to Winninton Park in week one and another defeat to Ormskirk. However they have had a couple of good wins against Burnley and Oxton and held Colne to a draw this week. Clearly Clitheroe are an improving side and Eccles will need to be at their best to secure the points.

And theeeeen!

No match report next week as I am down in that there London town for a fancy do – pearly jacket, jellied eels and flat beer etc.

Good luck against Clitheroe RUFC