Junior Colts complete superb League Double over Colne

A hugely depleted Eccles team made the journey to Colne in order to fulfil this league fixture with no less than nine players either injured, working or committed elsewhere. The remaining 15 lads represented their club immaculately, raising themselves to the challenge of facing a group of fast and powerful Colne players who had the luxury of a number of replacements.

The first half was a fairly even affair with Eccles showing a great deal of tenacity and grit as they battled against the biting cold of the Lancashire air which blew in their faces throughout the first half. Eccles were first to break the deadlock with a Try from Joe Rapinett who scored right in the corner after twisting and turning his way through the Colne defence.

Colne responded soon after with a kicked penalty and a well worked Try, the Colne 10 kicking through in to unguarded space for his super quick winger to run on to and score.

Our magnificent Number 8 Keiron Reed put Eccles back on top with a typically robust run through a very solid Colne defence. Keiron had made similar runs earlier but to no avail, the time however he collected the ball at pace, leaving Colne little chance of holding him up.

8 – 10 Half Time

The second half was a fantastic period of rugby from the Eccles perspective; everything that was required of the lads was offered up by every one of them, and in spades!

Robert Strickland settled the second half nerves with an early and opportunistic Try. Rob spotted a mistake in the Colne defence and was first to attack the loose ball, kicking it forward towards the Try line, his pace doing the rest. With Matthew Walker injured, Joe Borrett took on kicking duties and slotted this one between the sticks.

Jordan Burns showed his electric pace as he extended the Eccles lead further with a Try moments later, holding off the chasing Colne defence as he broke wide supported by Max Riley to score Eccles fourth Try of the day, Joe Borrett conferring to put Eccles beyond two converted Trys ahead.

This psychological gap seemed to get under the skin of a few of our Hosts as their discipline began to slip; a lack of discipline that played in to Eccles hands as the lads turned up the heat and following our last two Trys out wide, the lads used their power and drive to forge a way through the Colne lines and score three more Trys through the centre.

First to score was Joe Borrett who jumped up to convert; next was Harry Candland who took an accidental fist to the nose as he grounded the ball. The final Try came at the end of a wonderful half of rugby and it was Chris Gillard who had played exceptionally well throughout who scored it.

8 – 43 Full Time

A great game of rugby with Eccles completing a superb Home & Away double over a very good Colne side.

Eccles Junior Colts’s Vital Statistics

Todays Eccles Squad

Starting XV

  1. David Smith
  2. Josh Green
  3. Dan Aspinall
  4. Chris Gillard
  5. James Fletcher
  6. Joe Rapinett
  7. Matty Lee
  8. Keiron Reed
  9. Joe Borrett
  10. Harry Candland
  11. Shea Skillicorn
  12. Jordan Burns
  13. Max Riley
  14. Rob Strickland
  15. Brad Palmer


  • N/a


  • Nat Kelsey
  • Matthew Walker
  • John Grundy


  • Albert Tonoyan
  • Ellis Pearson
  • Will Toone
  • Ed Hampson

Bertie Magoo’s ⚽🙈

  • Jack Williams
  • Josh Stafford

Scores on the Doors

Half Time 8 – 10

Full Time 8 – 43

Eccles Try Scorers

  1. Joe Rapinett
  2. Keiron Reed
  3. Rob Strickland
  4. Jordan Burns
  5. Joe Borrett
  6. Harry Candland
  7. Chris Gillard

Eccles Conversions

  1. Joe Borrett 4 / 7

Eccles Man of the Match (the Keiron Reed Award)

We have to go back to games in black and white for the last time our Number 8 Keiron Reed wasn’t recognised as the Eccles Man of the Match. As is tradition in rugby the EMoM went to Kieron Reed who had an outstanding game, leading the Forward line and getting himself on the scoresheet. A dead-leg cut his game short late in the second half, the Colne coach gave an audible sigh of relief when Keiron left the pitch.

Coach Kevin nominated the young Colne Outside Centre as Man of the Match for our hosts who had a good game, making a number of good runs

Notable Mentions

EMoM, Keiron Reed took a heavy hit to his thigh late in the second half leaving the Eccles lads to complete the last 10 minutes with just 14 players. Thankfully we have a break of 2 weeks before our next competitive fixture which is away at Oxton.

Hopefully the Colne lad who lost a tooth in the challenge on Keiron will be OK.

Harry Candland went all out to match Matthew Walker in the battle of Crooked Nose. Hope it settles down Harry, definitely gives that handsome grid a bit of gritty character.

❤ ❤ I just want someone to look at me the way Matt looks at Harry  ❤ ❤

So what did Coach Kevin say to the lads at half-time? judging by the souvenirs it may well have been something from Oliver Twist – Fagin!

Very snide of a number of Colne lads to verbally attack Chris the Whistle (sans whistle today). Chris did a great job of running the line (apparently this role is known as a Sidesman…Danielle). It is a measure of Chris’ character that he didn’t respond to the verbal abuse he was unfortunately subjected to.

Can someone define schoolboy error for me please –

Yes….. not opening the bar when Eccles are in town!

How very different the temperatures were in the North stand and the South stand today













I’ve mentioned it earlier but – WOW! what a magnificent performance from a bare 15 players. It’s worth noting that although 15 players make up a full team, when you are presented with just 15 players, inevitably you end up with players being asked to play out of position. Brilliantly coached by Kevin and Mark today and the lads responded superbly.

All the lads put a huge shift in, some were more influential than others, mainly due to the way the game panned out and also because of how Eccles approached the game. While Joe, Harry, Jordan etc were putting points on the board, David Smith, James Fletcher, Matty Lee, Brad Palmer and others were doing a huge amount of grunt. Matty had another brilliant game and David Smith was just awesome, using his deceptive pace, his strength and his positive attitude to power his way though, gaining countless metres on each and every occasion. He really is a metaphor for all that is good about Eccles U17 Junior Colts.

No game next week, keep a watch out for the smoke signals regarding training Wednesday and possibly Sunday too

Current League Standings

Todays win see Eccles cruise past the 500 points scored marker (points difference of +309). We sit second in the league behind Ormskirk who we visit in a fortnights time, a win here would put us in a good place for finishing above Ormskirk in the final standings.



Matthew Walker suffered a bump to the head and has had a doctor take a look – the importance of grammar needs to be considered here:

Me – how’s your head Matt?

Matt -The doctor has done a brain scan and found nothing alarming.

or was it

Me – how’s your head Matt?

Matt – The doctor has done a brain scan and found nothing, alarming!